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Breakfast (well, lunch) at Tiffany’s

I got my ring!

I know, you’re probably wondering how I got this far into the wedding blog without a ring. I actually had a ring, but it was a place holder for my “real” ring. Kyle tried to pick it up at Tiffany’s, only to find out that it had to be sized elsewhere and then sent in. Since he only had a general idea of my size and wanted to pop the question sooner rather than later, I got a filler ring with the promise that we’d go get the real one soon.

And that was in the middle of December.

Things actually got a little complicated after the proposal. My mom had given us her engagement ring that she’d gotten from my dad, so we had that diamond. In addition, Kyle’s parents gave us another ring with four diamonds on it and a loose emerald. So basically, we ended up with a bunch of jewelry and no idea what to do. Between wanting to keep the jewelry in the family and realizing that our wedding budget was being Disneyfied, we held off on buying the Tiffany’s ring. Using the diamonds from our family is definitely more financially responsible than taking a trip to Tiffany’s.

I actually tried to let go of the whole Tiffany’s idea. I mean, it is sort of the childish, girlhood fantasy of all American women, but there are a lot of pretty rings out there and with all the jewelry from our families I’m sure we could have had something very nice designed. Ultimately, though, I was dragging my feet when it came to talking to designers, because I just couldn’t get excited about it. I figured it would be like the dress thing…I wouldn’t be excited about it, but when I did it I would love it.

And then this other thing happened. I lost the filler ring. We all knew it was going to happen, considering I kept misplacing it. But, sans filler ring, my finger has officially been bare for the past two weeks. It was bumming me out, so ring talk resurfaced. And, ultimately, it was Kyle who pushed the Tiffany’s idea. He was pretty taken with Tiffany’s the first time around and I think he liked the whole cliche of getting a ring there. I put up some resistance, but who are we kidding? I practically had my head out the window like a golden retriever on the way down to Cincinnati.

So, I’ve always known what kind of engagement ring I wanted. A Tiffany’s solitaire has been my ideal forever. You know, the classic single Tiffany’s diamond, perfectly perched. Lovely, right? So we get in there and I’m already feeling like I might faint when the guy pulls a bunch of solitaires out of the case. I put the first one on and determined that it was too small, so we moved up to the serious solitaires. I slipped it on my finger and…absolutely nothing. No fireworks, no excitement. It looked really stupid. I know! I’m probably going to be deported or something for saying that, but the Tiffany’s solitaire looked stupid on my finger. It stuck out like a big…sticking outish thing and made my hand look like it was playing dress up.

I felt so stupid! It was totally silent and the salesperson and Kyle were both looking at me, waiting for a reaction, so I just said, “oh, isn’t that pretty?” but it came out totally fake and I couldn’t get it off my finger faster. We walked around and I tried on diamond-crusted bands, diamond flowers, plain bands, aquamarine baubles…I mean, we DID Tiffany’s and I seriously started to feel chest pains because I just couldn’t find anything that felt good. They were too heavy, too thin, too scratchy (those diamond bands are really uncomfortable)…the whole thing got awful really quickly.

And then, randomly, I saw it. And it’s perfect. It’s perfect.

If I had seen it on the website, or maybe even on someone else’s finger, I totally would have kept looking. It’s not my ideal at all, but when I put it on, it was totally and completely perfect. And randomly, it fits perfectly. I don’t ever want to take it off. I even wore it when I was sleeping last night. It’s so weird, because I’ve only had it for about 24 hours, but my hand looks really weird when I’m not wearing the ring. Can’t explain it, but it’s true. I love, love, love my ring.

So, it’s a Paloma Picasso Love Match Puzzle Ring. It’s totally bizarre, but it’s so us. It’s two interlocking rings that fit together to make a really pretty band. There’s a diamond right in the center. It’s just enough glitter to be beautiful without being obnoxious and it’s just raised enough to be noticeable without being annoying. It’s also going to match everything I wear forever and I love that it’s two kind of weird looking rings that fit together to make one beautiful ring. Again, so us.

I thought that watching the salesguy wrap it up in that little blue box with the white ribbon was going to be the coolest thing that ever happened to me, but it was topped when we hit lunch following our successful jewelry run. Kyle randomly dropped to one knee in front of Hofbrauhaus, home of the one liter beers, and pulled it out of his pocket. If my wedding ceremony ends up being as good as my proposals have been, I’m going to be totally set.

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    I love it! It is absolutely beautiful! And you are right, so perfect for you two!

    March 4, 2008 at 9:01 am
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