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Champagne among the trees

Kyle and I hit the bridal show at the Franklin Park Conservatory last night. We aren’t really planning anything in Columbus, but for 15 bucks we got to hang out in the conservatory, which I’d never been to, and we were able to sample some pretty swanky cuisine. Apparently 15 dollars buys unlimited access to lots of plants, unlimited access to lots of champagne, and unlimited access to pasta, steak, crudites, salads, cakes, cream puffs, cheesecake, truffles, cookies, and lots and lots of martinis and wine. Yeah, I left for the show with 10 points left for the day for my Weight Watcher’s plan and…well…I pretty much shot that out of the water. I’m sure those little chocolate-covered strawberries and the avacado bar all consisted of foods that are listed on the Zero Points list, right next to the asparagus and carrots.

My personal favorite was the Bridal Bouquet martini, which is just champagne and POM with an edible orchid floating around in it. Yum. It definitely made watching all those skinny little girls in designer dresses strutting around a little easier. Actually, the whole thing was pretty relaxed. We wandered around and gathered samples, but mostly we just took in the scenery. The conservatory is a really popular location for weddings and since I’d never seen it I really wanted to look around. I hope I get to shoot a wedding there because it was perfectly lovely. The only thing that I noticed was that it got really hot really quickly, which was a little odd because it was cold and rainy outside. We struggled through, though, with the help of many cocktails and glasses of bitter red wine. We even caught a slow dance to Sinatra on the landing near the terrace, which was lovely because it was sunset and we were sort of tucked away. I even got another proposal, but I’m not counting it on the list of proposals because there was no kneeling or jewelry involved.

I suppose I should actually recount the wedding vendor’s displays, but it may be a little difficult because they were quite generous with those glasses of free champagne. Still, here’s a short summary:

  • The champagne martinis and cocktails were lovely and I had a much friendlier buzz than I get from regular wine. Also, I didn’t have to worry about spilling red wine because I was walking around, or getting that tacky red wine lip line.
  • Avocado Bar – This is new. I’d seen the potato bars and the mashed potatoes in the martini glasses, but this was just halves of avocado with a whole range of toppings. In my world avocados are toppings themselves, but I dressed it up and it was delicious. Very inside-out guacamole. My personal toppings included shredded cheese, sour cream, lime juice, and garlic chips, but other toppings included cocoa almonds, tomatoes, and bacon bits.
  • There were a violin trio, a violin/flute trio, and a DJ playing slow jazz and Jack Johnson. After wandering between the three locations, I have to say that the DJ was still my favorite. Classical music is fine and all, but I’ve decided that I don’t think it’s quite as romantic.
  • I saw the loveliest invitations! I’ll try to collect some of the best in the near future and post them, but I ADORE the use of different shaped envelopes and the incorporation of fabric and ribbon right into the paper itself.
  • I’ve decided against leaving one-time use cameras on the table. As it turns out, people who are enjoying champagne and wedding music end up taking really terrible pictures of each other. Cute, but I don’t want to pay for it…

That’s about it, other than the fact that we had a lovely time. Nothing else really, but I did catch just a touch of Cinderella-ness…

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  • Reply Anonymous

    Luv the pumpkin coach….WHat is it and where can I find it for my wedding?


    June 28, 2008 at 10:30 am
  • Reply thatdisneygirl

    Sorry, but it’s part of the permanent gardens inside the Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus, Ohio, so I don’t think you’ll be able to find it for sale. Maybe you can find someone who could recreate it?

    June 28, 2008 at 12:59 pm
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