Disney Wedding

Disney Wedding Day – Part One

Disney Wedding Day – Part One

Some days are just good.

We slept so well in that Grand Floridian king sized bed that I could have just slept and slept and slept. But, at around 6:30, I realized that it was my wedding day. And *BAM* I was up. We had ordered room service for 7 AM, so I got out of bed and brushed my teeth and threw on my Bride hoodie and started getting all jazzed up for the day. I threw open the curtains and took in the most beautiful view.

Our Disney Wedding - Photo by Root Photography
Our Disney Wedding - Photo by Root Photography

The lake had mist over it, so all I could see was Cinderella’s castle coming up out of the clouds. Not a bad way to wake up, eh? Room service came and delivered eggs benedict, corned beef hash, a fruit plate, and a grapefruit. I steeped some tea and set our little coffee table and stuck Ratatouille in the DVD player and got all ready to have a happy little breakfast party with Kyle.

But Kyle didn’t want to play.

I had to draaaaaag the boy out of bed and then when I did he was still mopey, with no reaction to the view or the food or anything. I knew he didn’t feel good, so I didn’t give him a hard time, but it was weird to be so euphoric when he was being so flatline. Like I said, Kyle is usually the trooper, so I don’t have a lot of experience bucking him up. I tried to cheer him up a little, but after a bit I decided it would be easier to just let him be a lump and I devoured my breakfast and got ready for everyone to show up.

Our Disney Wedding - Photo by Root Photography

Mom showed up soon after breakfast was delivered and we rushed around the room trying to get everything together. In addition to gathering the wedding stuff, we knew that we needed to get everything ready for the bellmen, since we were checking out at eleven.

Our room was a mess and the stuff I needed for the wedding was all mixed in with things that I didn’t need, so it was very chaotic. Kyle was still sitting around being a lump and I started to get a little irritated. I know that sounds terrible since he was pretty sick, but I couldn’t get him to help us with anything and we were running out of time before the hair stylist arrived. I finally paused the DVD and demanded that he put his stuff into his suitcase…a demand that promptly bit me in the butt when he reached into his suitcase and sliced his finger open on his razor.

His ring finger. On his left hand.

Granted, it was an impressive slice and it was bleeding like there was no tomorrow…but honestly to hear Kyle go on about it, you would have thought that he had cut his finger off. He ran it under water and then looked at it and ran it under water and walked around clutching it and then asked me if I thought he needed stitches. I bit my tongue since I felt bad about making him slice open his finger when he already didn’t feel good, but I swear to God nobody in the world has ever been such a hypochondriac. We finally got him Neosporin-ed and bandaged up right before Anna called to tell us that she was waiting for us in the lobby. Kyle was supposed to go and get her, so I offered to go with him. He and I needed to have a chat.

On the way down to the lobby, I vented. I told him that he was killing my mood and wasn’t being helpful and that he either needed to suck it up or go away because he was making me cranky. Isn’t that just the sweetest thing you’ve ever heard anyone say on their wedding day? Honestly, with him sulking about his bandaged finger and me pouting about him not being cheerful enough, we were the perfect picture of a couple of kindergartners who needed a time out. By the time we got down there I’d apologized for pushing him to get all of his stuff together and he’d apologized for being cranky because he was tired and we were both over it, but it just goes to show that even the most perfect of days isn’t without its potholes.

We met Anna in the lobby and took her up to our room. The last time I’d had a run through with Anna I had been struck by how warm and friendly she is. To be honest, that’s not completely a compliment. It’s not really a bad thing either, it’s just…something you notice. Anna is warm and friendly in that way that hairdressers get sometimes when they don’t know you at all. She has lots of pet names for everyone and she says things like, “oh, that’s so you, baby doll” and “you’re lucky I love you so much”. I think that sort of stuff really works for some people…just, not for me. My favorite hairdresser in the world never said anything to me besides “What are we doing?” and “Ok, you’re done. You can pay up front.”

Our Disney Wedding - Photo by Root Photography

So we got Anna upstairs and got everything pushed off to one side and I sat down so that she could work on me. Kyle started getting into his tux and calling his groomsmen. He was actually a lot more cheerful when we went back up and whether he actually felt better or was just putting on to make me happy, I’ll never know, but either way it was really nice to see him joking and laughing.

I dispatched Mom to fill out the place cards, which still hadn’t been done. I know, worst bride in the world. I had a general idea that I was just going to fold squares of cardstock, punch them with a Mickey hole punch, and write people’s names and table info on them, so I let mom do it. I think they turned out ok. They’re only place cards, after all.

Our Disney Wedding - Photo by Root Photography

After a while, Anna announced that my hair was finished and I could go look at it. My first clue that things were not well was that Mom looked at me and kind of cocked her head to side like “huh…that’s…interesting…” It was actually good that I caught her expression because it prepared me for what I saw when I looked in the mirror. If I hadn’t been prepared I might have…I don’t know…I don’t think I would have shrieked, but I probably would have yelped a little.

My hair was HUGE. Like HUGE HUGE HUGE. Priscilla-Presley-enters-a-children’s-beauty-pageant HUGE. It was supposed to be pulled back and hanging down, but the pulled back part was literally about six inches tall and she had used little tiny curlers to turn my hair into the biggest pile of ringlets I’ve ever seen. I had been growing my hair out for the wedding for at least two years, so I had an unreasonable amount of hair anyway. The combination of lots of hair with lots of curling resulted in a virtual pyramid of curls that started six inches above my head and then fanned out to a foot-wide blanket of solid ringlets. It was shocking.

I was not happy.

I wanted to be polite, though, which is hard when you’re really stressed and not happy, so I bit my lip and said something about how it wasn’t exactly how I pictured it. I explained that it was a little too big and she pointed out that the weight of everything would pull it down after a while, which was all fine and good except that the Roots were supposed to be showing up at any minute. I finally got her to comb out the top of it and put a part down the middle, which she was very opposed to but which made a big difference.

Our Disney Wedding - Photo by Root Photography

In the end, I started to feel better about it, but ultimately it wasn’t what I wanted. Anna is a sweetheart, but I really should have followed my gut in August and gone with someone else.

Our Disney Wedding - Photo by Root Photography

Anna started in on my mom’s hair and I got on the phone. None of my attendants had shown up and I was desperate to see them, especially Jed who has a knack for calming me down. He doesn’t exactly say the right things, but he’s really good at acting like a conduit for all of my stress so that it isn’t building up or being directed at other people. I had told Kyle that I needed to see Jed and was trying to get a hold of everyone else, when I got a call that Kate, Michelle, Margi, and Neaner had arrived and were walking into the lobby. I love my girls!!! My happiness level went up at least 30% and I bounded out the door to collect my ladies…

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  • Reply Jenny

    While I completely understand the not liking the hair situation, you still look absolutely beautiful. Really. Any alternative recommendations for hair stylists for a Disney Bride? I still haven’t booked anoyone. I can be lazy. 🙂

    What an amazing view too. The photos are incredible. Lucky, lucky girl.

    February 17, 2009 at 1:42 am
  • Reply Becky D.

    I didn’t really like my hair either.

    February 17, 2009 at 4:20 pm
  • Reply -J.Darling

    Funny… my pulled back part was HUGE during my wedding too. What is it about wedding hairstylists? Are they trained that we actually want to look like we’re developing cone-heads? lol In the end, yours looks beautiful though! In their defense, it is hard to work with a TON of hair.

    The pictures from your room are STUNNING!

    February 17, 2009 at 6:53 pm
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    June 12, 2012 at 12:55 am
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