My Grandma and Her New Digital Camera in WDW

One of the things that is keeping me from posting about the at home receptions is that there are still little crumbs and nuggets left over from our time in Florida and I want to get those out there before I move on. I just haven’t gotten organized enough to put all the crumbs and nuggets up in blogland.

One such nugget is the pile of pictures and video that I got off of my grandmother’s camera. My grandma’s pictures from Florida are Exhibit A for why you should always practice with your digital camera before a big event. Luckily, there were about a bazillion photos from everyone else and the moments were all adequately captured. If my grandma’s pictures had been the only record of the family trip to WDW, well…

The only thing that beats the pictures are the video clips she accidentally took while trying to take pictures. This collection had my whole family rolling on the ground laughing…

Remember, practice at home! WDW is a TERRIBLE place to learn how to use your new camera.

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3 thoughts on “My Grandma and Her New Digital Camera in WDW

  1. Haha my grandmother refuses to get a digital camera, probably for this very reason. She also refuses to get a cellphone – she gets scared everytime she hears a cellphone ring near her and thinks that it will blow up.

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