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California Reception Trip – Day One

It’s time to recap the Napa reception…you know, the one that happened about two and a half months ago? This is going to be a real exercise in memory, since the trip is something of a blur. You may be impressed with how much I remembered from the WDW trip, but I have to make a confession: I took notes. I actually stopped at the end of each day and scribbled down a list of the day’s happenings, from conversations to events. I also had about a bazillion photos, thanks to everyone who came.

Unfortunately, California was not as recorded. Luckily, I did take a bunch of pictures with my cell phone and sent them to the blog, so I have a good idea of where we were when…but the details get a little fuzzy…

Saturday, February 7th

I love my husband. I woke up tired and crabby on the morning of the 7th, thanks to the fact that I didn’t get any sleep the night before. I had left all the packing to the last second and was incredibly unpleasant as a result. Kyle cheerfully packaged me, put me in the car, took me to the airport, and ignored me until I perked up a bit. Luckily we had all of our bit and pieces this time (we learned our lesson after the last WDW trip) and off we flew to California without a hitch.

My aunt and cousin picked us up from the airport and drove us to Napa, stopping for In N Out on the way. This was the beginning of a ridiculous In N Out spree for us, which poor Kyle never even saw coming. (hee hee hee *rubs hands together maniacally*) My grandparents were hanging out at home, going through their Disney pins. Ever since I got everyone lanyards for their WDW trip, Disney pin trading has been something of a sickness in my family. Everyone has their own books and they’ve been buying pins non-stop since they got back. I’ll hand it to my family, they don’t do things half-assed.

My uncle Denis brought our home for the week (their trailer) over and got us all settled in. It was really nice to have a separate place for us to be all week, especially because we were able to be as messy as we needed to be without bothering anyone. Kyle and I got settled and then took a long nap, since I was completely exhausted. We woke up for dinner, watched the San Francisco Chinese New Year parade with everyone, and then went back to bed. (If you haven’t noticed, our vacationing style is a lot different when we aren’t in WDW. Kyle and I are huge fans of sleeping through vacations.)

It was chilly in Napa while we were there (in the fifties or so), but the trailer had a heating system that ran off of petroleum tanks. When we first got into bed, I swore that I could smell the petroleum, but I have a tendency to be neurotic about that kind of thing. Kyle and I both assumed that I was just imagining it, so we went to bed.

About a half hour later, though, the smell was so strong that it woke me up and I woke Kyle up so we could deal with it. By “deal with it”, I mean that we spent the next two hours discussing whether or not there was an unreasonable amount of petroleum in the air and whether or not it would kill us. We didn’t want to wake anyone up to ask, so we ended up setting our alarms and waking up every hour on the hour to make sure that we were both still breathing. I feel like this says something about us and what our kids are going to be like, but I don’t know what.

(As a side note, my family checked the tanks the next day and found that one of them was leaking badly and needed to be refilled…so I wasn’t actually crazy. We also found out that there was a monitor/alarm thingy in the trailer that would have gone off if the gas leak had been serious enough to be harmful. Good to know.)

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