Adventures in Pork Uterus

Posted by Carly Morgan

As part of my 101 in 1001 project, I’ve been on the hunt for meat that I’ve never had before. I’m a big time carnivore (going to the zoo makes me hungry) so the challenge of finding new meat was actually pretty difficult. After scouring the grocery stores and butcher shops here in Utah, I figured my best bet would be to wait until I was on the coast and then find a fish I’d never had.

Well, as it turns out, the coast offers lots of meats that I’ve never had before, as long as you’re shopping in the right place. When we got to California last week, we stopped in at an Asian grocery store to pick up some snacks and I was greeted with a whole case of meats that didn’t sound familiar. I debated long and hard about whether to get a pair of beef hearts or a pound of pork bung (don’t ask, I have no idea), but ultimately I went for the weirdest of the weird: pork uterus.

I’ll have you know, my family eats some really weird stuff and I usually only get to eat certain things when I’m in California, including fresh crab backs (the fat lining the shell is edible) and little fish fried up like french fries.

BUT, even though I would think of my relatives as being adventurous eaters, they were all grossed out by the pig uterus. Super grossed out. As in, tried to pay me not to eat it.

I would not be deterred, even when I pulled it out of the package and found out that it was even weirder than I thought it was. Apparently a uterus is a V-shaped organ attached to the cervix that sort of resembles a wrinkly tube.

Nobody else seems to be into eating pork uterus, because I couldn’t find a single recipe online, so I had to sort of wing it. I sliced it up, cleaned it really well, and then heated up some oil, ginger, and green onion.

When I added the uterus pieces, they immediately turned white and started to shrink up and harden. This part was actually a little gross, because as the tissue constricted it squeezed all of the blood out of the tissue and into the pan, so I had to drain it a little bit. After a while, though, it just started to look like macaroni and I only had to add a little soy sauce and cook it for about five minutes before it was done. I didn’t want to overcook it, since it was getting harder and harder by the second.

Once it was in the bowl, it wasn’t scary anymore and it smelled really good…sort of like liver, but with a strong pork aroma. And the taste? Delicious! I’m serious, this stuff was really good! It was like rich, salty, pork-flavored calamari and I ate up half the bowl before my stomach started to tell me that I wasn’t supposed to be eating that much uterus all at once.

Unfortunately, I did have the worst dream that night about giving birth to a litter of children. So I think the uterus was a one-time meal, but hey! One more thing off my list!

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