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We’re slowly getting into more of a rhythm around here. Kyle and I have spent the last nine days getting used to being new parents while also getting used to living in a new house…one that was moved into and unpacked without us really being too involved. It hasn’t been bad, but I think parenthood might be less of a challenge when you don’t have the “Do we know where the Saran Wrap is?” conversation every half hour.

I’m also getting re-used to my body, which has thrown me for a bit of a loop. I assumed that the pregnancy body would linger for a bit longer, but my maternity clothes fit awkwardly now and my non-maternity clothes are still too small. Luckily I’ve been living in pajamas for the most part, but I have made three trips out into the world since we brought Eva home and they’ve all involved sweat pants. I read somewhere that you should be sure to make yourself look nice during the postpartum period so that you feel more upbeat about life. Who are these women that are managing to do their hair a week after they have a baby? When I manage to put a bra on before leaving the house, I make Eva give me tiny high-fives for my awesomeness.


We’re practically living out of our What to Expect the First Year book. I don’t recommend even attempting parenthood if you don’t have it in the house, because it’s a lot easier/faster than the Internet. If anything, I think we’re spending a ton of time trying to decide if things are normal. Is it normal that she doesn’t want to eat? Is it normal that she pokes herself in the eye every time we leave her unswaddled? Is it normal for my stomach to be this itchy?

Those are the worst, actually, the questions about how I’m supposed to be doing. If you Google postpartum anything, you’re going to find 8 million articles on postpartum depression and not a single thing on itchy tummies, post-meal nausea, or swollen fingers. With all the attention paid to pregnant bodies, you think they’d do something for the folks on the other side. Instead, I’m just supposed to be vigilant about being too emotional or feeling overwhelmed.

Good news: no signs whatsoever of postpartum depression. I do hit sporadic highs throughout the day, but I don’t think it’s because my emotions are swinging back and forth. It’s just that I keep making amazing and joyful discoveries, like “our baby likes Indigo Girls!” or “I have ankles again!”

Bad news: Saran Wrap is still AWOL…probably partying with the dental floss and the folder that has all of my marketing contracts in it. The only thing we can regularly locate is the baby. Cell phones, car keys, and remote controls are anyone’s game.

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  • Reply pensparade

    LOVE this post! Congrats again. Parenthood is no easy task but it is the best 'job' anyone could ever have!

    March 13, 2011 at 12:44 pm
  • Reply Eve

    Love the pictures, love your writing….love it all!!! Eva is such a bundle of love-and you and Kyle look so natural with her. I hope you start feeling physically better soon! -Eve

    March 13, 2011 at 3:52 pm
  • Reply Mari

    Carly, sounds like it has been a wonderful start to parenthood! 🙂 And it seems like this wonderful period in your life is inspiring some of your best writing! Love that you're doing high fives with her! 🙂 So happy for you and Kyle!

    March 16, 2011 at 1:39 am
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