We Really Live Here

Two things inspired this post. One is that I’ve been watching the Small Cool 2011 contest on Apartment Therapy. It’s an interior design contest where people submit photos of their homes (all under 1,000 square feet) and then someone wins the prize for living in the most aesthetically pleasing place. Our home wouldn’t even qualify for the contest, since we live in more than 1,000 square feet, but I’ve repeatedly found myself jealous of these immaculate, artfully-designed abodes.

The second thing was that I was having a conversation with a friend today about authenticity and being comfortable with where you are at the moment. I expressed that I was getting tired of waiting for a new version of myself before doing something (i.e. “I’ll take that yoga class when I’ve lost ten pounds” or “I’ll apply to be a speaker at that conference after I’m making just a bit more money”). We agreed that there’s no reason not to just embrace what you have and work with it for the time being and then, after my friend left, I had an epiphany. I was looking around my living room, irritated because I don’t like our furniture, when I realized that I hadn’t shared pictures of our home or invited a ton of people over because I’m waiting for our house to get better.

Well, in the spirit of authenticity, embracing-the-now, and not being intimidated by the people on Apartment Therapy, I present this tour of our house. I didn’t pick anything up, didn’t move the baby junk, didn’t wash the dishes, etc. This is really where we live.

House tour:

And, just to show you I’m serious, I’m even including a picture of our bedroom (a.k.a. where clean laundry goes to die):

So, there it is, our home. Are there a million things I’d like to change? Yes. Would I have rather waited to take pictures until I had fresh flowers and a sunny day and designer furniture? Yes. But this is where we live right now and I’m embracing it. Really.

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