How to Make Your Own Disney-Themed Bingo Cards

Bingo is a simple game that almost everyone knows how to play and it can be adapted to fit any setting. So, I’ve made themed Bingo cards for lots of different gatherings and they’ve always been a fun activity.

To make your own Disney-themed Bingo cards, create a new document in Microsoft Word and go to the “Table” menu. Select “Insert” and “Table”:

A Bingo card is a 5 x 5 table, so create 5 rows and 5 columns:

Your table will look like this:

Drag the corners of your table until it looks more like this:

To create the top of the Bingo card, you’re going to create a text box by going to the “Insert” menu and selecting “Text Box”:

Fit the text box to the size of the table you created:

Now you need a five-letter word that fits the theme of your party. Type it in the text box and center it:

Find a font that fits the theme of your party and change the text. For a children’s party, the word “Dumbo” in circus font is a good pick. Here, I used a font called “Rosewood”:


Increase the size of the letters and space them out (using the space bar) until they’re roughly centered over each of the columns:

Change the color to fit your party, if you wish:

You can also change the color of the table by double clicking on the corner of the table and opening the “Table Properties” menu:

Now you have a blank, themed Bingo card that will work with any Bingo set (just switch the letters to fit the word you chose):

If you’d like to create Bingo cards to go along with a movie you’ll be showing at your party (a fun activity for teen, tween, and adult parties), fill in the squares yourself using moments from the movie. Collect at least 35 different moments and switch them around for each card so no two cards are alike. Just be sure that you don’t pick moments that are too obscure or which only take place once in the movie, so people aren’t stuck if they get that card later in the film. For inspiration, I steal ideas from drinking games!

To play, pass out the cards and markers to cover the squares so you can re-use them later. (We use red hots candy most of the time.) If someone wins, let them pick a prize and start the game over, either switching cards or, at the very least, making the winner turn their card in for a new one. Some cards end up being easier than others and you don’t want the same person to win every time!

Here’s one I created for The Pirates of the Caribbean:

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    what software did you get for the Disney font?

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