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Things Learned at Last Weekend’s Garage Sale


The more, the better. If you don’t have enough stuff on your own, combine with another family and list your sale as a multi-family sale to attract traffic.

You’ll never be able to guess what will sell right away. We were selling tons of brand new games for $1 and new hardback books for 25 cents but the first two sales I made were for a set of homemade Indiana Jones bingo cards and a package of Cars themed crayons I got from a discount bin.

Price nicer stuff before you put it out. I was caught off-guard and sold a brand new Brita water pitcher with four new filters for $1 to someone I didn’t like because I hadn’t thought about how much I really wanted for it.

Haggling is fine, but it’s also fine to firmly say no and stick with your price.

Group like items together and they will sell better. A few groups of collectibles were lost in the back, so I put them up front with the rest and most sold in the next 20 minutes.

Sort through stuff before you put it out for sale. I almost sold a push-up bra and a terrifying looking carving knife because I didn’t go through my boxes first.

Double check. I sold Kyle’s collector’s edition Risk game with pewter pieces for $1, because I thought all games were going for that price. Oops.

Manage expectations. Ultimately, we ended up with boxes of stuff left over, including lots of stuff that I assumed would sell. Luckily we have another garage sale this weekend, but I’m glad that I wasn’t really counting on the profits from the sale. As it is, we made about $100 in a few hours and got rid of a ton of stuff that we didn’t need. We also got to see kids that reminded us of us run off excitedly with our old loot. All in all, not a bad way to spend a Saturday morning…

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