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Baby Trip Report: Eva Goes to Disneyland (Part Seven)

After we overheated and overexcited Eva, she spent two hours refusing to nap. Most of that time was spent with Eva screaming at the top of her lungs in the travel crib while we lay exhausted and overheated in the beds around her. It wasn’t pleasant. It ended with all of us yelling at each other and a collective giving up on having the baby ever sleep again.

Grouchy about the fact that we’d missed two hours of park time to lay around and listen to screaming, we re-packed our exhausted kid into the stroller and took off. My parents and extended family had arrived and they were staying at a hotel across the street from the entrance to the park, so we stopped by and said hello to everyone. Eva fussed a bit, but she seemed to be perking back up to her normal happy self, so when everyone took off to have dinner at The Cheesecake Factory, Kyle and I decided to take our chances on hitting the park with a nap-less baby.


Rule #5 when traveling with a baby at Disneyland: A watched baby doesn’t sleep. A not-watched baby falls asleep mid-activity like a narcoleptic as soon as you try to do something fun.


We had just made it through the park gates when Eva fell asleep. This left us in the awkward position of either walking her around in circles while avoiding all loud noises in the hopes that she’d stay asleep or parking and switching off with her so that at least one of us could run around. We went for the second option and Kyle parked near the train station so I could shop around Main Street.

I took this opportunity to head towards the Photo Pass shop to pick up our daily free 5×7 (available to anyone with a Disney Visa). Unfortunately, once I got to the shop I realized that I had forgotten my Visa so Kyle had to hustle up to the shop with the sleeping baby and she didn’t make it past the other ten screaming kids in the shop before waking up to join them. Luckily, her cat nap seemed to have improved her disposition and we were able to get her to hold still for her very first Disney silhouette.



We also stopped in to grab her a pair of personalized Mickey ears. We had ordered a set for her before she was born, but the ones that you order online have a horrible blocky computer font and we wanted the special cursive font you can only get at the park. With the next baby, we’re going to scout around and find a Disney park local who doesn’t mind picking up a custom order for us!



After Eva got her ears, we took her back to the hotel to meet up with my family and dropped her off so we could catch World of Color. I love our little girl to death and when we aren’t with her I miss those pudgy little fingers like crazy, but every time Kyle and I have at least an hour of “us” time away from the baby it’s like that scene in The Shawshank Redemption when he craws out of the sewer into the rain and you can practically smell the freedom. Add in close proximity to a Disney park and Kyle and I just about skipped our way to the World of Color preferred viewing area.

We had never seen World of Color and didn’t know much about the preferred viewing, so we were anxious about getting over there to get a great spot. We showed up a little over an hour before the show was set to begin and it turned out that we were there with time to spare. We got a great spot on the railing right on the water and Kyle was able to duck out to grab us a beer and a cream-cheese pretzel that ultimately turned out to taste better in theory than it did in fact.

As for the beer + freedom + World of Color combination…perfection.



The only thing that bummed me out about World of Color was that I’ll never get to experience how awesome it is for the first time again. I’m so glad that we did the dining reservation at Wine Country Trattoria and got the passes for reserved viewing because we really were able to enjoy the show comfortably. I don’t know if we’ll make it a priority to have such a great spot next time, but when Eva is ready to watch the show for the first time we’ll definitely be grabbing those passes again!

After the show, Kyle and I took our time and wandered through the dark streets of Disney California Adventure, being those annoying tourists that make the cast members nervous because we just won’t leave. For as long as I can remember, Kyle and I have had at least one post-closing stroll like this on every Disney vacation and it’s always a stand-out favorite for me. The Disney parks are amazing, but they’re even more magical when they’re emptied and quiet and waiting for the next day.


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  • Reply Hope

    I love those late night Disney strolls too. I think it’s so cool that you got Eva a legit ear hat and a silhouette. I haven’t had a silhouette done ever, but I think it would be cool if you could keep it up to track her growth over the years.

    August 9, 2012 at 5:32 pm
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