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Baby Trip Report: Eva Goes to Disneyland (Part Twelve)

My family had a hard time staying together in DCA because there were more than twenty of us and we don’t move well as a group. Eventually most of us came together at the midway area. We attempted to ride the carousel, but someone had a seizure right before we got on, so we popped over to the games area and spent way too much money winning prizes for Eva. It is, as it turns out, insanely fun to be the only person with a little kid because that one little kid gets everything they want from every family member and you end up leaving with a lot of loot.




We had dinner at the pier (Eva enjoyed another round of toddler mac and cheese) and we were able to catch up a little bit with my family. I admit that Disneyland was turning out to be a rather crappy way to spend time with extended family that we don’t see often because the group wasn’t staying together and things kept shaking out in a way that paired us up with my parents. That’s not a problem because we like my parents a lot, but we see them all the time so dinner was a good excuse to sit and actually let the baby catch up with the California relatives.

We wandered around a little bit with everyone and did some shopping and mass pin trading. Anyone who followed our Disney wedding trip report will remember that my family became obsessive pin traders during that vacation. They’re like locust. Unsuspecting cast members never see them coming and suddenly there’s seven people standing on top of them, pointing at pins, demanding authentic pinbacks, and shouting at each other about how they think they have four of that one but they aren’t sure so maybe they should get it anyway. Luckily, my family also cleaned out all of the merchandise so I’m sure nobody was too irritated by us. Eva escaped embarrassment by sleeping through the whole thing.



That night my family all had passes to World of Color, so the Morgans headed back to the hotel, lamenting the lack of child care. We had bundled Eva into pajamas and actually gotten her to calm down so Kyle ran out to get us some sundaes from McDonalds. Suddenly, there were loud bangs and our hotel room shook and Eva actually clawed her way up and out of the pack and play so she could launch screaming into my eyes. Having lived in Utah so long and not used to urbanness, I assumed that the hotel was being shot at, but as it turns out the Disneyland fireworks are set off at a location directly parallel to the Howard Johnson. So, on the days that fireworks happen, the hotel becomes a war zone and toddlers everywhere think the world is ending. And that’s how we were all awake for three more hours.


NOTE: if I haven’t plugged this before, it’s a really good idea to take sleep sounds with you when you travel with a baby. Eva sleeps with a 99 cent ambient sounds rain track that we have installed on her iPad, all of our iPods, and my iPhone. If we try to put her down without that sound, she won’t sleep, which is probably going to bite us in the butt later in life but is really handy when you’re trying to block out hotel noise. It does not, however, help anything in a firework situation.


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  • Reply Hope at Disneyland

    Can I just say how awesome I think your grandma and bro are for rocking those bear hats? 😀

    I do remember how hardcore they were about pin trading. You should seriously video that next time you do a massive family reunion at Disneyland.

    I guess the trick for next time is to put Eva down AFTER fireworks so that way the loud booms don’t disturb her.

    September 21, 2012 at 4:57 pm
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