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Baby Trip Report: Eva Goes to Disneyland (Part Thirteen)


On our last full day in Anaheim, we put on Eva’s sweetest dress and pinned her little mouse ears to her head and took her to Disneyland with the full intention to ride all of the Fantasyland rides and have a lovely day with my family.


*sigh* This did not happen.


We had made a critical error by deciding to spend a Saturday in Disneyland. We knew it would be crowded, but we underestimated the crowds by about 50%. So, when Kyle and I made it to Fantasyland first thing in the morning, everything was busy and we weren’t able to ride anything besides Dumbo. Eva loved it, but by the time we peeled her out of the elephant the rest of the Fantasyland rides had very long lines. So, we got Mickey pancakes and sat quietly off to the side waiting for my family and trying to stay out of the way. This took an hour.


It is amazing how much time you spend sitting out of the way when you have a baby in a Disney park. We did nothing that day but sit out of the way. By the time my family came and we were able to slowly creep along as a giant group, it was warm and crowded and Eva wanted none of it. We made it to the Tiki Tiki Room but Eva didn’t want to watch the show and started fussing, so we sat in the very back corner and played with light up toys and tried to stay out of the way. After the show, my family regrouped and went shopping while we stood against the wall and tried to keep out of the way. This took an hour.


After the Tiki room we decided she needed to cool off and we tucked ourselves into the River Belle Terrace and tried let her nap in the corner, only to give up and pass her around. This took an hour.



After a few family members had came back to check on us, we rallied and made it over to The Jungle Cruise for Eva’s first watery spin.



The ride went well, but getting over there, getting on the ride, and getting back off took an hour. The baby was getting a little fussy, so we decided to try Toontown because she had liked it so much in the days before. Getting to Toontown took an hour. We sat in the shade in Toontown because it was too crowded and hot to do anything and we were close to the frozen apple juice stand. This took two hours.



You might ask why we were at Disneyland when we were just sitting around and not doing anything. The answer is complicated. For one, doing anything with a baby when it’s crowded and hot is difficult. Two, we were hanging out with my grandmother, who is in a wheelchair and gets tired easily. We wanted her to spend time with Eva so we didn’t want to ditch out and take the baby elsewhere. My parents didn’t want to do anything and ditch my grandma either. Three, we didn’t want to leave Eva with everyone else because she was so cranky about the heat. Everyone else sort of went off to do stuff but would end up feeling bad and they’d wander back to where we were.


And why not move to Disney California Adventure, where the crowds are thinner and it’s easier to cool off? We were waiting around for our Star Tours fastpasses because my brother had ridden it the day before and got a disappointing ride combination. We had agreed to ride it with him, so we waited until 5 PM for our Fastpasses to be good and literally rode nothing until then. It was an eight hour day that consisted of the Tiki room and a lot of frozen apple juice.


The worst part? We finally did our fast passes and somehow we ended up getting the exact same ride combination my brother had gotten the day before. He was right. It sucked.



Eva, however, had a ball during our Disneyland day. The heat did make her cranky, but she was constantly placated with frozen juice and cookies and ice cream and cuddles and new shirts and new hats and new toys. She was the entertainment and everyone doted on her every move. Not too shabby a day for the toddler.



The nice thing about sitting around and waiting was that by the time the parade was coming up we were already really good at sitting around and waiting for things. We got premium parade viewing space and Eva adored seeing all of the characters dancing around.



After the parade we made our way over to the other park for dinner. It was unexpectedly chilly so we didn’t walk around much and everyone was bumming out a little bit because it was the last moments of our trip. Finally, after passing the baby around for a quick ride on Soarin’, we called it a night and headed back to our hotel, exhausted from our day of sitting.



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  • Reply Kyle

    We did ditch the baby with the fam for about thirty minutes to ride big thunder though.

    September 24, 2012 at 9:52 am
  • Reply Hope

    At least you have the baby as an excuse for not doing much. There are seriously days when we go to Disneyland just to sit and watch! LOL It’s kind of relaxing, but I guess when you’re from out of state and trying to squeeze a bunch of rides into your short trip, then spending an entire day sitting or moving as a group may not be the best use of your time. I loved all of Eva’s outfit changes and I’m glad she enjoyed the parade.

    Which Star Tours combo did you get?

    I’m sure Eva will be a better sport on your next trip! 😀

    September 24, 2012 at 3:34 pm
    • Reply Carly

      Our Star Wars combo was the pod race and then the one where you’re underwater and the big eel thing tries to eat you. I’ve heard some of the other ones are great, so hopefully we can do a few more rides the next time we’re out.

      September 25, 2012 at 7:58 am

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