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New Look for the New Shared Nursery/Toddler Room

When I first got pregnant, I assumed that meant we’d be moving out of our house. However, a little house hunting and a lot of loving our current house has led to a plan in which both kids will be in one bedroom and we’ll be in the other. Plan for chaos and hilarity now.


Eva’s room is currently very, very Eva. We picked Eva’s name from the Disney movie Princess and the Frog, so there are multiple pieces of art from that movie in her room and the general color scheme (light purple, green, and blue) comes from the movie art.




It’s great, but I knew it wasn’t going to work for Baby #2, regardless of gender, because the whole room is just so Eva. In order to feel like we’ll be welcoming the new baby home, instead of feeling like we’re just finding a place to stick it in Eva’s room, I’m planning on doing a pretty big re-haul of the nursery. Luckily, it’s my favorite room in the house to decorate (explaining why I do it so often).


I considered waiting to hear what the gender was before deciding on another theme for the room, but then I realized that I’m kind of over themes. They tend to be a little too restrictive for my taste. I decided to go with a general color scheme instead, so that elements of the room could come together but other things could be brought in later without too much disruption. For my inspiration, I’m using a piece of art that we’ve already purchased.


We picked up a wall peel of a vintage French Winnie-thePooh movie poster because we had a big blank space in the nursery and we needed something that wouldn’t damage the wall too much. It’s currently hanging on the wall in Eva’s room (and doesn’t match the color scheme at all), but I’ll be moving it so that it’s the big focus right above the crib. Since it’s going to be drawing so much attention anyway, I decided to try to focus the colors of the redesign on colors from the poster:


New Nursery Color Scheme


This isn’t too rigid of a palate, but I’m hoping that if the big pieces kind of go with the poster, the room will feel put together without making you feel like you’re walking into a hit-you-over-the-head themed room or a chaotic hot mess of baby crap. I’ll be painting some of the furniture (Eva’s bed and the crib included) but other pieces will stay white or neutral since I don’t want it to be too much.


Lots of stuff will be built or purchased brand new for the brand new baby. Here’s a styleboard of some of the things I’m thinking:


Pooh Nursery


If you’d like more of a peek at the new nursery, follow my baby board on Pinterest. There’s all sorts of projects and ideas that I’m excited to try just as soon as it gets a little warmer outside…

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  • Reply Hope

    I love Winnie the Pooh and I always think it’s such a cute theme for babies. I don’t think sharing the room will be too big of a deal for them. It’ll take some adjusting but it’s totally do-able at this young age. Your project and baby board look so cool! It makes me want to move into your nursery! 😀

    P.S. Happy Find-Out-The-Gender-Day! 🙂

    March 21, 2013 at 4:34 pm
  • Reply J. Humenay

    I look forward to reading about the sharing-room adventure. We’re looking to adopt closely aged siblings or twins, and yes, they’ll be sharing a room!

    March 22, 2013 at 12:12 am
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