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Infant in Arms Wishlist: Stuff for Flying with a Baby

After the travel drought that has been 2013, I’m happy to say that October is bringing two trips. The first will be a family affair, but the second will be just me and the littlest Morgan jetting off for a weekend of fun. I’ve flown with a baby, but never alone so I’m already dreaming up the gear I’m going to need…

I like to wear layers when I fly, so I’m thinking I need a nursing top with snaps for easy access so I can wear it under my Moby wrap – my choice of carriers for flying with baby. We have a couple of different baby carriers but the Moby is the most comfortable when sitting down and it’s easy to adjust the baby so that he’s sitting up or laying down. It’s also easy to nurse discreetly in the Moby, which is huge because I think nursing covers just scream “HEY I’M DOING BOOB STUFF OVER HERE”. He’s a little hot pocket when he’s in the carrier, but I tend to be freezing on planes so I’ll probably top the whole look off with a long sweater from Athleta (the same place I got my family photos sweater) and a pair of lined Toms. I know people who absolutely hate Toms because they’re so…Toms…but when it comes to comfy shoes that slip on and off, they pretty much win.

I need a larger suitcase that rolls easily and is sturdy enough for me to set my diaper bag on when it’s upright and I want it to be a distinctive color so I don’t have to fumble around trying to find my particular black suitcase when I’m holding the baby. I also need to get a cover since we’ll be checking Calvin’s car seat as I’ll be flying infant in arms.

For my diaper bag, I’m dying over this backpack model because it has a wipes dispenser right in the front (GENIUS) and it’s large/tough/reliable enough to carry my MacBook Air along with all the diapers and onesies. I also need to grab a formula dispenser and disposable warmers for my just-in-case-I’m-not-brave-enough-to-nurse-in-public emergency bottles and wet bags/disposable bags for dirty clothes/diapers.

Finally, iPod. I’m not even going to attempt to watch/read anything while I’m dealing with Cal, so I’ll probably just set up a music playlist or an audiobook and tuck that sucker in my pocket. Bonus: even if I don’t want to listen to anything, I can wear the headphones to discourage people who want to chat about the baby. Social when flying, I am not.

Gear for Flying with a Baby

1. Murren Sweater | Athleta


3. Sleeveless Clip Down Double Opening Ruched Nursing Cami

4. Moby Wrap

5. Munchkin Powdered Formula Dispenser

6. ZOOM Cars Classic Wet Bag

7. Warmze Bottle Warmer

8. Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper Bag Dispenser & Bags

9. DadGear Retro Green with Stripe Diaper Backpack

10. iPod Classic

11. Wenger Swiss Gear 29″ Spinner Suitcase

12. Car Seat Gate Check Bag

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