50 Indoor Activities for Toddlers

50 Ideas for Indoor Toddler Activities - see the whole list at

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10 quiet things you can buy for your toddler to do:

  1. Melissa & Doug Deluxe 10-Piece Magnetic Fishing Game
  2. Melissa & Doug Lace and Trace Pets
  3. Melissa & Doug Paint with Water
  4. Play-Doh: Rollers and Cutters
  5. Kid O A to Z Magnatab
  6. ALEX® Toys – Early Learning String & Beep
  7. Chubby Finger Crayons For Kids
  8. Kidoozie Six Pin Bowling Set
  9. Trumpette Howdy Bouncy Rubber Cow
  10. Giant Sticker Activity First Words


10 activities that use things you already have in your house:

  1. Dump your tupperware out on the floor and have them try to match the lids with the containers
  2. Colander + pipe cleaners
  3. Set out a few cups and bowls with a sponge or two. Add some water and show your toddler how he/she can transfer water by soaking it up with the sponge and squeezing it out.
  4. Put soapy water into a large tub and let your toddler use a whisk to stir and make bubbles
  5. Put cornstarch into a bowl and add water until you have a runny paste. Add some spoons in different sizes. Don’t worry about the mess – cornstarch dries fast and can be easily brushed off/vacuumed up.
  6. Make Jello shapes and let your kid squish them up (non-staining colors are a plus here!)
  7. Dish soap foam
  8. Let them use a whole stack of mini post-its to decorate a wall. Or you.
  9. Strip them, put some lotion into a small bowl, and stir some glitter into it. They’ll be excited to sparkle themselves.
  10. Hide 5-10 stuffed animals and have your toddler find them.


10 activities that are really chores in disguise:

  1. Give your toddler a bin with warm soapy water and have them wash their plastic toys with a small sponge.
  2. Pair loose socks.
  3. Make a square of tape on the kitchen floor and scatter some dry pasta around. Have your toddler practice sweeping the pasta into the square.
  4. Set out three kinds of toys and three baskets and have your toddler sort the toys according to type (blocks, dolls, cars, etc.).
  5. Let them set the table by putting paper plates, napkins, and plasticware at each chair.
  6. Give them a lint roller and let them run it over the furniture. You can sprinkle sequins around to make it more fun!
  7. Dust some silverware with flour and let your toddler use a damp cloth to clean them up.
  8. Let your toddler use a handheld strainer to sprinkle baking soda around the carpet to freshen it before you vacuum.
  9. Sort laundry into whites and colors before you put it in the washer. See how much your toddler can do without your help.
  10. Use Ivory soap to draw on any mirror or window and then let them wash their drawings off with warm water and a sponge.


10 activities that teach life skills:

  1. Pull out a sweater with large buttons/buttonholes and challenge them to fasten it up.
  2. Slice a banana with a small spreader. You can also try hard boiled eggs, canned pears, and slices of cheese.
  3. Tuck a favorite doll or stuffed animal after making the bed.
  4. Make open faced sandwiches by providing slices of bread and bowls of toppings. We usually do cream cheese, sliced fruits, raisins, sprinkles, etc.
  5. Practice pouring liquids from a pitcher (or an old juice container) into cups.
  6. Use tongs to move puff balls from one basket to another.
  7. Sort playing cards by color. Extra points if they can do it by suit.
  8. Fold washcloths or napkins into quarters.
  9. Make treats by dipping fruit into yogurt and then something crunchy like cereal or granola.
  10. Spritz house plants with a water bottle.


10 activities for you and your toddler to do together:

  1. Tape a line on the carpet with masking tape. Practice jumping over it and walking on it as though it’s a tightrope.
  2. Dance party!
  3. Salt dough animals
  4. Fingerpaint
  5. Look for and cut out letters from magazines. Tape them in a notebook, making a page for each letter. Numbers or colors too!
  6. Make pizza for dinner and let them do all the toppings, sauce included!
  7. Dress them up in your clothes. Let them pick out an outfit for you.
  8. Add water, oil, glitter, and food coloring to a glass jar and close it up. Shake!
  9. Follow a yoga DVD together.
  10. Read. Read read read read read.
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