My ALT Summit ’14 Recap

I love ALT pretty hard.

This was my third time at the Altitude Design Summit here in Salt Lake City and every time I go I come back so recharged and ready to work. I’m headed to Disneyland this week and there’s this tiny part of me that wishes my vacation was later so I could get going on some new projects. That’s how much ALT ramps up my blogging.

My business cards: People do crazy creative things for their business cards at ALT and it’s become a tradition to collect as many cool cards as you can because the array is always delightful. I’m at a big of a disadvantage since I don’t make things, I’m not an artist, and I’m not selling anything so in the past my cards have pretty much been my logo and maybe a picture of my kids. This year, I wanted to do something more fun so I ended up giving out mini-hole punches on binder rings with a MOO mini card that had my info on it. I always hole punch and binder ring my cards during these conferences so I can keep them together. (It also helps when I keep them in the order that I got them, since I usually can remember where I met someone but not their name or blog URL.)


I’m hoping that people use them. I’ve seen a couple so far so I think people got what they were for. There were a handful of people who tried to staple things together with the hole punch and ended up with holes in everything my bad.

Side note: I got these little hole punches online and they’re pretty sturdy. Mine is still going strong after all those cards.



What I wore: This is another tough area for me. People get really into planning their wardrobes for ALT and the nice thing is that it’s more of a celebration of the fact that we all get to dress up than it is a fashion show. Of course, I spend the vast amount of my time wearing pajamas while working at home, so my wardrobe is pretty limited. The fact that I’m plus-sized doesn’t help either. I have a ton of cute things that just aren’t so cute after that second baby, but they’re crowding my closet because I’m determined to get into them again by next summer.

Ultimately, I went for comfort and wore easy things that I didn’t think too hard about. The exception was the bright red dress I wore to the mini-parties. The dress is comfortable, but it’s bright red so I was a little out of my element. I’m very much a neutrals person and I felt a bit loud wearing it, but I got a lot of compliments. I might need to sneak color in more often…




There were a lot of little things that made this ALT special. I think I’m finally conquering my awe of blogging celebrities, so I chatted with a few people I’ve been following for years. One of the most overdue meetings was Mindy from Budget Fairy Tale who is a Disney bride I’ve “known” for years and somehow we hadn’t met. I also sat down with a designer I took a class from last summer and went over my new blog design, which was extra fun because she was all praise and I can finally relax on this beast of a blog redesign. Mostly, I just did the chatting thing with my hundred new blogging friends.

There was also a lot of beauty. I went to a dinner sponsored by Minted that was elegant and well done. There were also incredible themes at the ALT mini-parties, including a collaboration inspired one that had a million stars. (Yes, the balloons you see me holding in the last “what I wore” photo were stolen from the party. Eva is obsessed with them.)

IMG_2223 IMG_2445


Even with all the parties and pretties and people I just met who I’ll be friends with forever, my favorite part of ALT is the inspiration I get. The conference does do a good job of giving us hard tips on blogging and increasing traffic, etc., but there’s also a big focus on life and family and just being a happier person. I think it’s easy to get caught up in numbers or what impossible success story some bloggers have achieved and we all forget that we’re doing this really fun work and people are actually paying us for it. We are a lucky, lucky bunch.



Thank you so much to Family Search for sponsoring my ALT ticket this year. I had an amazing time! To see some of what I learned, check out my 10 Things I Learned at ALT ’14.

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  • Reply Hope at Disneyland

    I love a good excuse to dress up and party so I wish I could’ve gone to ALT (nevermind that I’m not a public blogger lol). I really loved you in the red dress. I also recently expanded my wardrobe to include more red. Previously I only had a few red sweaters and a coat, but I’ve just added a couple of different shades of red to my dress wardrobe and I like it. They come in handy around Christmas and Valentine’s Day. 🙂 I also love your idea of the little hole punches for the business cards. My purse turns into a black-hole of forgotten flyers, cards, etc, so your key-ring method of organization is genius! I’m glad that you finally got to meet Mindy and get more inspiration for your blogs.

    January 28, 2014 at 6:02 pm
  • Reply Kristian

    I really loved this review. It has a good balance of the personal, and of the big parts ALT is known for- both the good (like the cards) and the stressful (what do I wear?). This makes me excited to try and go to ALT.

    January 31, 2014 at 7:11 pm
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