Use Fondant Cutters for Toddler ABC Snacks #allergyfree

Eva is a picky eater. Although I always said that I would never cater to a picky eater, I now find myself bending backwards to get her to eat anything in the hopes that her pants will finally stay up. This includes serving dessert with everything, trading bites of food for extra privileges, and making her food entertaining so she doesn’t notice that it’s secretly nourishing her body.

Since Eva is just starting to read words on her own, one of my new things is using fondant cutters to cut letters out of foods and spell words to decorate sandwiches, pancakes, crackers…you name it and I’ll spell a word out on it.

Use fondant cutters to create ABC kid snacks. See the post at Numbers cut out of snack foods for toddlers. See the post at


/// With graham crackers, it helps if you wrap them in a wet paper towel and microwave them for 10-20 seconds. Makes them less crumbly. (Also makes your house smell like waffle cones. I don’t really understand why.)

/// For strawberries, slice them the long way (top to bottom) to get more of a cutting surface. If you slice them across the middle, you’ll end up with that big empty core ruining everything.

/// If your letter gets stuck in the cutters, liberate them gently with a chopstick. Using a knife is more likely to mess up your creation.

/// If you’re in a hurry, carrots and ham are the easiest ever. I throw them in and on top of everything.

ABC shaped foods for kids learning the alphabet. See the post at

Here’s my affiliate link for the fondant cutters I use (probably available at most craft/baking stores):

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