Peanut Allergy Easter: Are Peeps Safe if You’re Allergic to Nuts?

Holidays are so tough with food allergies. You might remember from Halloween or Christmas that candy is a huge problem for us. It used to be no big deal, but now that Eva is older and understands that holiday candy is a thing (and that other kids get to eat it), she’s been more aware when she misses out on those little traditions. You should have seen her around Valentine’s Day with all of that candy floating around. Even though she understands that she’s not allowed to touch, she can look at those grocery store shelves forever.


I’m putting allergy-free Easter baskets together which will feature all sorts of non-edible goodness, but I did want to add something sweet to the mix so I contacted Just Born, the makers of Peeps, to see if they wanted to partner up for a blog post. They were great to work with and I was happy to get a big box of samples not long after I talked to them, but…

Are Peeps safe if you are allergic to nuts? What people with nut allergies need to look for:

I was really surprised when I started checking labels to see that not everything they sent me was safe for people with nut allergies! For example:



Cute egg and perfect for an Easter basket, but it has a peanut warning! I’m thinking the culprit here is the chocolate. Two of the other items in the box that had chocolate on them also carried a nut warning.

IMG_7444 IMG_7451


Strangely enough, there were a couple of chocolate-dipped items that didn’t have the warning, so we hung onto those ones but I think they’ll probably go in the parent baskets just to be safe. I think Just Born does a good job with labeling, but I still err way on the side of caution. Besides, it’s not like she won’t have enough sugar. All of these items were warning-free:


I wasn’t surprised that the plain Peeps were nut-allergy free, but it turns out that it was good I did my label-reading because this cute treat still carries a warning:



Why would a stick of Peeps carry a peanut warning if the same Peeps are safe off the stick? My guess would be that there’s a cross-contamination issue with the packaging. A lot of people are surprised when they find out that it’s a problem if Eva’s food is even made on the same equipment as something with nuts, but it is! I’m so glad when manufacturers are cautious and clear about the risks.

All in all, giving Eva anything that’s processed is scary because you just never know, but I feel confident that these treats will be safe for her. I’m also glad that I got some not-safe treats in the mix because it’s a good reminder to (A) always read labels and (B) don’t just rely on brand names to stay safe. Telling everyone that your nut-allergy child can eat Peeps might result in Grandma buying some extra-special (and not so safe) treats on accident. So stay on it!

PS – If you want to be truly safe, Peeps has a whole line of non-edible gear including stuffed Peeps and Peeps clothing. Check out their store!

Thank you to Just Born for providing me with samples. The thoughts and opinions above are my own.

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6 thoughts on “Peanut Allergy Easter: Are Peeps Safe if You’re Allergic to Nuts?

  1. That picture of Eva is so cute. It’s good that she understands that she can look but not touch any of that stuff. There’s more to the holidays than candy and sweet treats and I’m sure you’ll find creative ways to celebrate without risking Eva’s health.

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