Summer Blog Conferences: I’m Speaking at ALT!


Guess what! I’m speaking at ALT! They’re having a summer conference in Salt Lake City for the first time and the first wave of speakers was announced yesterday. My face! Totally on the list!

I’m thrilled, both to be speaking and to be attending ALT again. I love this conference and I always leave with so much energy and enthusiasm after spending a few days with all the happy bloggers. If you want to join the summer conference, you have a good shot because they’re giving away THREE free tickets! You just have to tweet between now and Friday with something that you love (or would love) about coming to ALT and use the hashtag #altsummit.

Don’t worry if you’re just starting out as a blogger or if your blog isn’t that large or if you’re still in the dreaming stages – when I attended my first ALT conference in 2010 I felt like I was way out of my league, but it ended up being a huge turning point in my life! ALT inspires!

I’m also headed to BlogHer ’14 in San Jose in July (I think…slightly on the fence so I have a ticket but no hotel room…) and hopefully I’ll be hitting up one of the Disney SMMC On the Road conferences just a few days after ALT (official invites haven’t gone out yet). I’ve also got two conferences in September – one for photographers called Click Away! and then the Food Allergy Bloggers conference in Las Vegas.

And did I mention that two of my best friends from high school and my brother are all getting married between now and October? Oh, and a little someone will be celebrating his first birthday and you know I like to make a big deal about that…

Five blog conferences and three weddings and one first birthday = what a great summer!

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8 thoughts on “Summer Blog Conferences: I’m Speaking at ALT!

    • Thank you and congratulations to you too! I’m so excited to see who will be there for the first summer conference.

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