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50 Homeschool Preschool Art Activities

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50 Preschool Homeschool Activities That Teach Arts and Crafts

1 /// Grab paint swatches and clothespins from your local superstore and create a color-matching activity.

2 /// Supply a few pieces of chalk and a large sidewalk or chalkboard area.

3 /// Let kids sort different colored buttons into a paint tray with tweezers.

4 /// I’m not sure what they’re called, but we get these little plastic pieces in every Del Taco kids meal and now we have an epic set. They make the best sculptures!

5 /// Paint with water pads from Melissa and Doug

6 /// Fingerpaints

7 /// Watercolor pencils

8 ///Melissa and Doug tools for Play-Doh

9 /// Paint dried pasta and string to make necklaces or glue to construction paper.

10 /// Take full body photos of your kids and print them out. Let them cut themselves out and glue their pictures to popsicle sticks to make puppets.

11 /// Grab a roll of masking tape and some strips of construction paper. Make a paper chain, letting your kid practice taking only a little bit of tape and putting the tape in the right spot.

12 /// Pick up a discount pair of sunglasses. Pop the lenses out and decorate the frames with glue and glitter to make a pair of dress up spectacles.

13 /// Ready, Set, Cut! kit by Alex Toys

14 /// Make shapes and animals out of salt dough.

15 /// Pick up a white pair of sneakers and let kids decorate them with glitter glue.

16 /// Collect stickers and start a sticker collection.

17 /// Dip torn pieces of tissue paper in white glue thinned with water. Apply to a glass jar and let dry.

18 /// Stir small bowls of salt with colored pieces of chalk to make colored sand. Use the sand for sand art (glue + paper) or layer in a glass and then use a popsicle sticks to mix the lines.

19 /// Do A Dot Art Markers

20 /// Pick up a white paper tablecloth and let the kids use colored pencils to decorate for dinner.

21 /// Use white glue and cotton balls to completely cover a piece of cardboard or construction paper. Color your new fluffy shape with markers and talk about how different that is than coloring on paper.

22 /// Coloring books!!

23 /// Add googly eyes to extra copies of family photos.

24 /// Use a combination of markers, crayons, and colored pencils all in one color to decorate lunch sacks (so you have a yellow sack, a green sack, etc.). Walk around the house and collect things of that color to put in your sack.

25 /// Flip a paper grocery bag upside down and cut neck and arm holes. Use markers to decorate the bag to create a new costume and character. (Extra credit: add pipe cleaner crowns)

26 /// Read The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse

27 /// Use a pencil eraser dipped in poster paint to create dot art.

28 /// Color the handles of disposable wooden utensils to create handmade party or picnic supplies.

29 /// Trace an outline of your child (or at least their head and shoulders) onto a large piece of paper or posterboard. Color in the face, hair, clothes, etc.

30 /// Make crowns from pipe cleaners

31 /// Pick up a blank tote and color with fabric markers to make a library bag.

32 /// Fill an ice cube tray with water and add a few drops of food coloring to each square. Freeze and use the ice to paint the sidewalk.

33 /// Use stickers and wood paint to decorate an old set of wooden building blocks.

34 /// Crayola Color Wonder sets (great for those who color walls)

35 /// Add a little paint to white glue and paint some clean jars with it. It will add sheer color, so light will still come through the glass.

36 /// Draw on a window or mirror with a piece of Ivory soap.

37 /// Read The Day the Crayons Quit.

38 /// Cut pictures of food out of a magazine and glue them to construction paper to make a food book. Have pages for favorites, breakfast, fruits, etc.

39 /// Melissa & Doug Deluxe Combo Scratch Art Set

40 /// Create a family book by having your kid draw portraits of family members, your house, etc.

41 /// Use a squeeze hole punch to make multi-colored confetti.

42 /// Paint rocks. You can also color rocks with crayons (glitter crayons work the best) and then heat the rocks in the oven to make the color stay. Add googly eyes and you’ve made a little friend!

43 /// Melissa & Doug Deluxe Alphabet Stamp Set

44 /// Gather leaves, twigs, etc. outside and glue them to a piece of paper to make a picture.

45 /// Use a roll of washi tape (or two) to decorate a blank box or picture frame.

46 /// Visit an art gallery at your local college. If possible, take a peek inside one of the classrooms to see all the material and the workspace.

47 /// Use face paint sticks to draw sandals on bare feet, bracelets on your wrists, etc.

48 /// Art apps for the iPad: MOMA Art lab, Musée du Louvre, Dots for Tots

49 /// Visit Tate Kids online.

50 /// Let your kids practice taking photos with your phone or an old digital camera. Give them some tips on lighting, focus, composition, etc. Print large copies of the good ones and frame them in dollar store frames.


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