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50 Homeschool Preschool Math Activities

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50 Preschool Homeschool Activities That Teach Math

1 /// Read a counting book.

2 /// Build a tower with nesting blocks like The Very Hungry Caterpillar Stackable Blocks

3 /// Buy some counting bears and a set of flashcards. Have your kid pull a flashcard and then put that number of bears on top of the flashcard.

4 /// Connect-the-dots pages

5 /// Put round blank stickers on 10 disposable cups. Number them 1-10. Have your kid put the right number of straws into each cup.

6 /// Get a set of large foam dice from your local party store (they sell them as party favors). Using a set of flashcards with higher numbers, see if your kid can find the right dice for each number on the cards.

7 /// Play a counting board game.

8 /// Sesame Street: Learning About Numbers

9 /// Help your kids run a lemonade stand. Explain about making change and the different values that coins and bills can have.

10 /// Numbers 1-100 Flash Cards

11 /// Connect popsicle sticks with white glue or glue dots to make different shapes.

12 /// Find certain shapes around the city (circles, triangles, squares). Take photos and print them out at home to make a shapes album.

13 /// Let your kids build structures using toothpicks and grapes and/or marshmallows.

14 /// Melissa & Doug Shape Sorting Clock

15 /// Make two stacks of books of equal height and put a piece of paper across them. Set things on the paper and see how much weight the paper can hold before it collapses. Try it again with cardboard, etc., talking about the difference in weight. (Could also work as a science activity).

16 /// See who in the house has the most shoes/socks/hats/coats/etc.

17 /// Make a recipe that involves measuring wet and dry ingredients.

18 /// Fish School – by Duck Duck Moose

19 /// Find the numbers 1-10 on random objects in your home.

20 /// Buy an abacus or use Abacus in Augmented Reality for the iPad

21 /// Use a measuring tape to measure parts of your kid’s body and let them measure you. You can also measure the height of toys and arrange them from tallest to smallest.

22 /// Introduce sums by taking out three dishes and putting some coins in each of the first two. Write the number of coins in the first dish on a post-it note and stick it in front of that dish. Do the same for the second. Move all the coins to the third dish and count them again, writing down the sum, to show how the first two numbers added together made the third number.

23 /// Set a family goal and start saving coins and dollars for it in a public space. Occasionally, update everyone on how close you’re getting to the goal and help your kids think of ways to add money to the jar.

24 /// Introduce fractions by cutting a banana into sections and naming each section (this is one-half, this is one-fourth).

25 /// Monopoly Junior Board Game

26 /// Melissa & Doug Pattern Blocks and Boards

27 /// Play hopscotch.

28 /// Play dominoes.

29 /// Teach your kids to bounce a ball against the ground or against a wall and count how many times they can do that without dropping it.

30 /// For snack time, grab a muffin tin and let kids measure out exactly 1/4 cup of things to put into each space. Ideas include small crackers, dry cereal, sweet peas, chocolate chips, cooked rice, shredded cheese, etc.

31 /// Keep a growth chart and measure each kid on the 1st of each month.

32 /// Time and Money Flash Cards

33 /// Keep a large simple calculator in your bag to keep them busy while you’re shopping, waiting at the doctor, or eating out.

34 /// Put a large clock in a place where they can see it. Starting on the 0, count out 60 seconds by clapping along with the clock and counting. Talk about how a minute has passed.

35 /// Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

36 /// Guess how many large marshmallows will fit into a jar. Then squish them in and see if you were right. (You can also fill a jar and have your kids try to guess how many marshmallows are in there.

37 /// Set up a pretend store using toys, post-it notes (for prices), and a toy cash register and have your child practice giving change.

38 /// Sit outside for a while and count white cars as they drive by.

39 /// Intro to Math, by Montessorium

40 /// Learn the words to This Old Man, Ladybug Picnic, and other counting songs.

41 /// Encourage your kids to read the clock by promising something very fun at a very specific time (like 4:30 or even 1:17). If they see the clock exactly on that time and tell you, they get the treat.

42 /// Trouble Game

43 /// Count stop signs or stop lights while you’re out running errands.

44 /// Melissa & Doug Shape Sequence Sorting Set

45 /// Write down and count how many people your kids can name.

46 /// Put your kid in charge of serving food at dinner, giving him/her specific amounts to dish out. (1 roll, 2 scoops of vegetables, 3 pieces of apple…)

47 /// Bugs and Numbers

48 /// At the grocery store, count how many types of milk there are. Apples? Popsicles? Jars of pickles?

49 /// Set out four drinking glasses that are exactly the same and pour different amounts of liquid into them using a liquid measuring cup. Discuss how the amounts look different.

50 /// Teddy Bear Counting

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