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50 Homeschool Preschool Language Arts Activities

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50 Preschool Homeschool Activities That Teach Language Arts

1 /// Bob Books

2 /// Get a set of sandpaper ABC flashcards and have your kid practice tracing the letters with their fingers and then writing them with their finger or an unsharpened pencil in a tray of cornmeal.

3 /// Preschool Prep ABC and Phonics DVDs.

4 /// Hooked on Phonics for the iPad

5 /// Chalk + chalkboard + eraser = letter writing practice.

6 /// Ready, Set, Write!

7 /// Worksheet pages

8 /// Read any book that was a favorite when you were a kid

9 /// Get a subscription to Highlights magazine and read it every month.

10 /// Story time at the local library

11 /// Embroider their name onto the edge of their pillow using a simple stitch so they can trace the letters with their fingers while they’re falling asleep.

12 /// Make letters out of pipe cleaners

13 /// The Great Cookie Thief

14 /// Help your kid type a text message to a loved one.

15 /// Grab a stack of post-it notes and go around labeling everything in the house. Let your kid get used to the labels for a couple of days and then remove them a few at a time and see if they can match the right label to the object.

16 /// Put books in the car for your kids to enjoy while you drive.

17 /// Elmo Loves ABCs for iPad

18 /// Go to the zoo, pet store, or park and write down all of the different kinds of animals. See if your kid can read the list when you’re finished.

19 /// When reading familiar books, leave out a word every now and then. Have your kid tell you which word you left out and see if they can find it on the page.

20 /// Create a reading chart and let your kid decorate them. Award them one gold star for every book you read together and let them earn an allowance or treats through stars.

21 /// Go around the city looking for letters. Take photos with your cell phone to make an ABC book once you get home.

22 /// Write your kid a note. Help them read it.

23 /// The Monster at the End of This Book

24 /// Look for sight words like “the” in unfamiliar picture books at the library.

25 /// Read poetry.

26 /// Use pieces of yarn to create letters on the floor.

27 /// Melissa & Doug Self-Correcting Letter Puzzles

28 /// When outside, find items and put them on the sidewalk so you can write their names with chalk. (“leaf”, “rock”, “shovel”)

29 /// Get a bunch of plastic Easter eggs and break them into halves, writing a uppercase letter on one half with a Sharpie and a lowercase letter on the other. Have your kid match them.

30 /// When eating out, see if they can find what they’re looking for on the menu.

31 /// Cut a picture of a person or animal out of a magazine. Have your kid name the person and come up with a story about them that you can write down, splitting paragraphs and writing them at the bottom of different pieces of paper. Have your kid illustrate the story.

32 /// Endless Alphabet

33 /// Read nursery rhymes.

34 /// Go to the grocery store and buy one thing that starts with each letter of the alphabet. Or pick a letter of the day and only buy items that start with that letter.

35 /// Write the names of snacks on popsicle sticks and keep them in a jar. If your kid can pull a stick out of the jar and tell you what it says, they get that snack.

36 /// Watch a favorite kids movie with the subtitles turned on. Disney movies that your kid has seen a million times work especially well for this one.

37 /// iTrace — handwriting for kids

38 /// Let them practice typing the alphabet and short words on the computer. You can also pick up an old typewriter and let them type onto real paper.

39 /// Write the alphabet on post it notes, one letter per note, and mix them up. Have your kid stick them to the wall in order.

40 /// Use alphabet cookie cutters to make letter cookies. Spell out the names in your family.

41 /// Melissa & Doug See & Spell

42 /// Take instax photos of family members and write their names on the photo. Have your kid draw a picture from the photo and then practice writing the name on their picture.

43 /// Alphabet magnets for the fridge.

44 /// GazziliWords

45 /// Write the words to a favorite lullaby down on a piece of paper and have your kid decorate it. Sing the song while pointing to the words.

46 /// Check out old episodes of Reading Rainbow online or visit the iPad app.

47 /// SUPER WHY ABC Adventures: Alphabet

48 /// Read a book together and come up with 5 questions to ask your kid. Why did the main character do that? How was he feeing? How were the other characters feeling? Do you think it was hot or cold out? What would you have done? (These are only examples. If you’re stuck, look for lesson plans for famous kid books online.)

49 /// Write uppercase letters on index cards and lowercase letters on clothespins. Have your kid pin the right pin to the right card.

50 /// Kid O A to Z Magnatab


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