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50 Homeschool Preschool Life Skills Activities

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50 Preschool Homeschool Activities That Teach Life Skills

1 /// Sweep the kitchen floor with a small brush and dustpan. If their sweeping needs work, start with sweeping rice into a square of making tape on the floor.

2 /// Brush hair and put snap clips in.

3 /// Match socks.

4 /// Do an exercise DVD with your kid. Most kids will be happy to attempt everything from Tai Chi and Yoga to the latest cardio routines.

5 /// Melissa and Doug lacing cards

6 /// Bake something simple with your kids like cookies, bread, or vegetable soup. Don’t let them handle any raw meat or sharp utensils until they’re good and ready!

7 /// Play a matching game.

8 /// Use a sponge, a bar of soap, and a small dish of warm water to wash plastic toys.

9 /// Wipe windows with vinegar on crumpled newspaper.

10 /// Fold towels.

11 /// Use an electric toothbrush and some dishwashing soap to clean sneakers.

12 /// Take a walk around the neighborhood and pick up trash (no broken glass or anything gross!).

13 /// Work on filing fingernails.

14 /// Daniel Tiger’s Day & Night

15 /// Break out the dance moves and teach them some classics. It’s all new to them so they have no idea how silly you look.

16 /// Sort a dish of coins.

17 /// Let kids apply head to toe sunscreen.

18 /// Practice button and unbuttoning one of your cardigans.

19 /// Trucks HD

20 /// Use a toy hammer to hammer golf tees into a block of styrofoam.

21 /// Slice a banana using a small spreading knife.

22 /// String cheerios on string to make an edible garland for birds.

23 /// Practice putting on and taking off the toilet paper roll.

24 /// Put a basket of small musical instruments together and let your kids create a band. Try keeping a beat together.

25 /// Melissa & Doug Monster Plush Bowling Game

26 /// Make a sign with 9-1-1 and important information emergency personnel would need. Practice making a 9-1-1 call.

27 /// Put two hula hoops on the lawn and have your kids jump from one to the other. Move the hoops farther away little by little to see how far they can jump. You can also have them stand in one and try to toss a bean bag or stuffed toy into the other hoop.

28 /// Find a small plastic basket with holes in the side and string pipe cleaners across the basket to practice weaving.

29 /// Build a fort out of pillows and blankets.

30 /// Practice polite talk by having your kid handle the ordering/paying at restaurants and grocery stores.

31 /// Use a lint roller to clean the sofa.

32 /// Pack an emergency kit together. Talk about what you might want to have if the lights went out. You can also pack an emergency pack for the car. See if your kids can think of things you use often.

33 /// Beck and Bo by Avokiddo

34 /// Teach your kids how to peel a boiled egg.

35 /// Put an 8 ft 2×4 on the line and have your kids use it as a balance beam.

36 /// Have your kids practice moving unpopped popcorn kernels from one bowl to the other using a wooden spoon.

37 /// Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Play at Home with Daniel

38 /// Go to the mall and talk about what would happen if your kid couldn’t find you. Point out people who would be good “helpers” if your kids needed help.

39 /// Yummiloo Rainbow Power

40 /// Set the table.

41 /// Have kids grind cereal with a mortar and pestle and use it as a crunchy topping. First dip a piece of fruit into yogurt and then into the ground cereal to make a snack.

42 /// Wash doll clothes or dress up clothes by hand and practice hanging them on a line in the backyard.

43 /// Doc McStuffins: Time For Your Check Up!

44 /// Teach kids your full name and phone number.

45 /// Play the “thank you” game. See who can say thank you to the largest number of people in one day.

46 /// Melissa & Doug Deluxe Latches Board

47 /// Play Candy Land and talk about turn taking and being a good sport.

48 /// Teach them how to sew a large button onto a square of plastic embroidery mesh using a large dull needle and thick thread.

49 /// Draw out hopscotch in masking tape on the carpet in your hallway.

50 /// Sprinkle baking soda on the carpet with a small sifter and let set for 5 minutes before you vacuum it up.

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