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Homeschool SLC: U of U Campus After Hours

Homeschool SLC: U of U Campus After Hours

The University of Utah has a lot to offer homeschool students during regular campus hours, including two wonderful museums, a few art galleries, historic Ft. Douglas, the libraries (main and medical!) and Red Butte Gardens. I actually prefer to take our homeschool outings later in the day, though, since the hustle of campus is a little overwhelming with two tiny kids in tow.

When the campus has cleared out a bit, it becomes a huge well-groomed playspace. Eva loves the lawns and all of the interesting sculptures and design features scattered around campus. Many of the buildings stay open fairly late so we can wander around without being disturbed and chat about the things we see.

Our latest game is letter finding and the University of Utah is a great place to find really interesting letters. We’re working on a Salt Lake City alphabet book and almost all of Eva’s favorites came from the U.

Other ideas for a campus after hours homeschool outing:

/// Take a colors checklist and look for plants in each color.

/// Pack a drawing pad and some crayons and stop to draw one of the buildings. University buildings are an easier starting point for young artists than houses because they’re often just huge rectangles with lots of little squares for windows.

/// Scavenger hunt! Can you find these items: newspaper, red book, piece of art, a glowing sign, a drinking fountain, a bike lock, a pencil, and an article of clothing?

/// If you don’t mind being on campus after dark, take some powerful flashlights (Maglites are the best!) and explore how far your flashlight beam can reach. Can the light go through the trees? Through windows? What kind of shadows can you make?

Homeschool SLC: U of U Campus After Hours - the fountain Homeschool Salt Lake City Utah Museum of Fine Arts Homeschool

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