The Pirates of the Caribbean Disney Bedroom Makeover

A little Throwback Thursday action today! I apologize in advance for the quality of photography but we’re throwing all the way back to me not really knowing how to use my digital camera.

In 2007, I gave Kyle a very random birthday surprise. We hadn’t yet moved in together and he had taken over the lease of a young college student who had done some very crazy things with paint. His bedroom, in particular, was particularly unrelaxing with its pink and green stripes going ever which way:

100_1051-1 100_1052-1

I decided to give his bedroom a makeover to surprise him for his birthday, which involved dashing over to his apartment as soon as he left for work to empty his bedroom, paint the walls, and then set everything back up again. For the theme, I picked the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction from the Disney parks because I felt like it would be a good sleep-encouraging color scheme.

To pull it off, I added a coat of dark blue paint to (mostly) cover up the stripes. I also used black glittery felt to cover the white ceiling because I wanted it to be a bit of a cave effect. I definitely think that actually painting the ceiling black would have been the way to go if I had really been committed, but we (my friend Nate and I) were in a hurry. Luckily, Kyle’s existing bedroom furniture was already a dark grey, so I just needed to add some accents. I picked up an inexpensive grey duvet for the bed, put a pair of roll-down bamboo curtains over the cheap rental blinds, and purchased other accents to scatter around the room.

I did add some homemade elements, including easy throw pillows themed to look like parts of the ride and a pirate map lamp that I created using a thrift store lamp and some sharpies. I also put some sand, seashells, and pirate coins from the party store into an old fish bowl to create a tiny water element.

100_1059-1 100_1055-1 100_1061-1 100_1063-1 100_1064-1 100_1057-1When Kyle got home, I had all of the lights in his apartment out except for the light in the bedroom and I was playing the area music and ride-through for the ride on my iPod so it was a fun surprise. I also tried to recreate the Blue Bayou for his birthday dinner by covering the walls with black plastic garbage bags sponged with blue paint (it looked OK in the low light) and setting the table with a large pan of water and some floating candles. I even printed out the Blue Bayou menus from an image I found online and we had cajun take out from Whole Foods. I thought about attempting to make Monte Cristo sandwiches, but this was already a lot to get done in eight hours and deep frying isn’t in my skill set!


Ultimately, it definitely wasn’t a birthday celebration worthy of being in a magazine, but I like to look at the pictures now because it was a lot of fun to try to do all of that on a low budget. Who knows – maybe Calvin has a Pirates of the Caribbean bedroom in his future!


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  • Reply Hope at Disneyland

    This is amazing for an 8 hour project and so creative too! I love the little accents and how simple it was to turn his girly room into a POTC inspired room. So neat!!

    September 18, 2014 at 4:00 pm
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