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Treat Yourself: Create a Coffee Bar in Your Kitchen

I love starting the morning with a cup of coffee.

I wasn’t a coffee drinker for the longest time. In fact, I actually made it through law school without drinking much coffee (and any law school graduate will tell you that this is a much more amazing feat than getting the actual J.D.). I also made it through the first year of parenthood without drinking coffee, but when we had Calvin we bought a coffee maker just in case we needed a little caffeinated assistance.

Oh, we love it so much. God bless coffee.

Now that coffee is a part of the everyday routine, I noticed last month that it had added another element of chaos to the kitchen. The k-cups were all over and there was a constant shuffle of coffee mugs as we quietly battled each other to get to the “good ones” first, chipping all the others in the process. Plus, we had shoved our Keurig under our cabinet, so we had to drag it out every time we wanted to open it, moving all the stuff on the counter to make room. Blah!!

I did a quick fix makeover a couple of weeks ago and it’s been a revolution. Here are all the steps if you want to create your own mini coffee bar in your kitchen:

Create a simple coffee bar in your kitchen.

Note: this list contains some affiliate links from Amazon. That means that if you buy something, they track it and I get a small credit. None of these products are paying me to write this post.

1 /// The first element is the coffee maker. I am a huge (HUGE) fan of our Keurig because I can usually go the whole day on one big cup of coffee. Also, Kyle and I don’t like the same flavors so it’s nice to be able to do back-to-back cups of our own choice. We did spring for a more expensive model, but honestly I can’t remember exactly why. We love ours, but I’ve also used my parents (which is an older model) and it’s just fine.

2 /// One of the biggest changes is that I put all of our mismatched coffee mugs in storage, with the exception of two travel mugs and a couple of coffee mugs that Kyle took to his office. We have a great collection of mugs (including a lot of Disney ones from special trips), but getting rid of them freed up a whole cupboard. I picked up two sets of inexpensive white stacking mugs from World Market and it’s been fantastic to just grab, wash, and stack without overthinking it. We got regular mugs, but we mostly use the jumbo mugs. They’re even big enough for soup, so we’ve been using them for all sorts of things!

3 /// You need k-cups if you have a Keurig. You can get reusable cups that work with your own ground coffee and they’re better for the environment, but I’m lazy so I buy boxes of k-cups from Amazon. I’d recommend starting with a k-cup sampler to see what you like the best, but my favorites are the Kahlua coffees. I drink it black these days (hey, Paleo!) so I like that extra bit of flavor. (If you like fancy coffee, the Gevalia Cappuccino k-cups are absolutely amazing and come with froth packets and everything!)

4 /// We had our k-cups in a drawer for a while, but they kept rolling around and getting squished so I moved them to an inexpensive glass canister next to the coffee maker, blending in with the sugar, flour, and other dry goods we keep in canisters. They look nice and we can always see when we’re getting low on coffee. Nothing worse these days than waking up to realize there’s no coffee.

That’s the whole thing! I thought about adding a cute tray with some syrups and creamers and sugars because that would be a total Pinterest moment, but this lady is workin’ on her fitness and none of that stuff fits into my food plan. If you want more inspiration, though, just search “coffee bar” on Pinterest. People are amazing.

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    This is a great setup. It looks so neat.

    September 3, 2014 at 4:53 pm
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