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Cupcake Training: Set Up a Preschool Icing Activity

Now that Eva is really getting into cooking, I try to leave food as unfinished as possible when we have enough time for her to explore. For this activity, we had made a batch of cupcakes together but I left them unfrosted and let her do the honors herself. I provided a divided plate with chocolate buttercream frosting, marshmallows, and crushed graham crackers and gave her four cupcakes to decorate with her little spreader knife (theoretically one for each family member’s dessert).


Now, if any of you are cringing, I will admit that this was a messy activity and it involved a lot of eating frosting right off the knife and then using the freshly-licked knife to decorate family cupcakes. I will also admit that Kyle and I trashed our cupcakes quietly in favor of ones that had not been licked. That being said, she did a good job and learned a lot about how gentle you need to be when frosting and how too much frosting isn’t a great idea. We’ll do this one again soon!

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