8 iPad Apps for the Family


1 /// The Monster at the End of this Book…Starring Grover!

This app is an improvement on the book I remember from my childhood. I love the story, but I have to admit that it’s more fun when you can actually interact with Grover. It’s wildly entertaining for the kids and it has the upside of reinforcing reading skills.

2 /// Intro to Colors by Montessorium

A beautiful app! This one is for smaller kids because it’s color-focused, but I have to admit that I mess around with it every now and then because it’s just too lovely to look at.

3 /// The Human Body by Tinybop

This is the newest app we have around here and it’s the current favorite of Miss Eva. This app is an interactive look at the human body and there are sorts of things that you can mess with, but Eva’s favorite thing to do is to sting the subject with a bee to see the pain messages travel from the nerves to the brain. I shouldn’t read too much into that, right?

4 /// Paint Sparkles Draw

An oldie but a goodie. This is the first app I used with both of my kids. It’s very simple and doesn’t do much beyond coloring options, but it’s easy to use and it makes a lovely windchime sound so it’s great for babies. Eva still uses it to practice her shapes and letters.

5 /// Juno’s Piano

This is a fun music app that lets kids play with an interactive piano. You can either follow Juno to learn a new song or the kids can use the free play option which turns the iPad into a keyboard.

6 /// Kindle

The Kindle app is great for kids books. We actually use it for the BOB books because those flimsy little books end up sliding under the couch all the time. I love using the Kindle to purchase educational books (or anything that we don’t need to pass down to future generations).

7 /// Toca Boca Hair Salon 2

Just pretty and fun and delightful. This is a good one when you’re looking to play with your kids.

8 /// Kids Academy: 123 Tracing

This is a basic tracing app to get kids used to the shapes of letters and numbers. You can trace with your finger (of course) but I actually slip a cotton glove onto Eva and have her practice with the stylus. The movement of tracing something with your finger vs. writing something out is completely different and I’d rather she’d practice the latter!

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  • Reply Jamie

    Grover is definitely #1 at this house too! We also love the Preschool Monkey Lunchbox set. They have about 4 or 5 different “games.” Check ’em out–they are awesome!

    December 9, 2014 at 7:37 pm
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