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How to Get a Disney “Just Married” Button and Other Favorites

Disney Just Married Button

Photo by Root Photography

Wishing you had a Disney “Just Married” button? You aren’t alone – I get at least one email a week from someone looking for (A) the Disney groom ears that look like a top hat, (B) the glass slipper that is presented at some restaurant proposals, or (C) the Disney “Just Married” button.

Unfortunately, Disney officially discontinued the button a couple of years ago. In its place, you get the standard celebration button although a cast member may personalize it with “Just Married” in marker on request. However, don’t give up hope! Ebay is alive and well with top hats and buttons galore so that’s your best bet if you’re looking for one of these coveted items.

The glass slipper is easier to grab. You can purchase (and personalize, if you wish) a medium sized glass slipper directly from the Disney store. This is the same slipper you see in photos of park proposals and it makes a beautiful keepsake. If you want it, you better grab it just in case they decide to stop selling that as well!

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