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The Morgan Family Went to Chuck E. Cheese (a Nut-Free Outing!)

This post was sponsored by Chuck E Cheese. #ChuckEAndPaddington #PaddingtonMovie


We had the chance to visit Chuck E. Cheese last month and I hadn’t been there in forever! In fact, when they first approached me to see if I was interested in posting about a promotion they were doing, my reaction was that they must not realize how little our kids are. I mean, I loved Chuck E. Cheese when I was a kid, but in those memories I’m eight years old and I’m running around and it’s all chaotic and noisy and fast-paced. Kid heaven…but maybe not so much for the parents!

Well, it turns out that Chuck E. Cheese is completely different than what I thought it would be! Ok, not completely different. They still had the animatronic mouse figure that I remembered…


…and you still get the awesome cup of awesome tokens…

IMG_5913 …but beyond that: not what I expected!

For one, there were TONS of things that the kids could do. In fact, there really wasn’t much that they couldn’t do. Even Calvin had a whole range of games and rides to choose from and when he didn’t want to do that, he entertained himself on the (token-free!) slide!


There were also a lot of things that both of the kids could do together and everything was calm, clean, and totally under control. No rushing kids. No loud yelling. Nobody fighting over tokens or turns. Just lots of stuff to entertain everyone.

IMG_5955 The best part of all is that we found out that Chuck E. Cheese is a nut-free business! They do allow people to bring in their own birthday cake, but they don’t serve or sell anything that contains nuts. So, this is a whole lot safer than a lot of other places and it’s become our new go-to place when Eva deserves a special night. I love that we can order anything off of the menu and I don’t have to worry and double check ingredient lists!

IMG_5919 IMG_5941 Plus, look at how happy my husband is.


I also got Eva into the idea that earning tickets means earning prizes. The ticket to prize value ratio was a little off (tons of tickets got her two small rubber dinosaurs and a plastic whistle) but you would think those prizes are made of solid gold. Earning them with her mad game skills is apparently very satisfying!


The promotion that we were there to celebrate is connected to the new Paddington movie (opening on January 15th!). Everyone who visits Chuck E. Cheese until January 16 gets a little travel tag passport and when you come back for another visit you get free tokens! We’ve popped back a few time just to sneak in 15-20 minutes of game play in between errands.


I mean…how can I pass this up?

IMG_6021Thanks, Chuck E. Cheese, for reintroducing us to the magic!


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  • Reply Hope at Disneyland

    Confession: I’ve only been to one of these once and it was super ghetto. It was dirty and crowded and overall not as fun as the commercials made it seem. Yours looks WAY better than I remember. Maybe I’ll have to visit the UT location to make up for LA’s? lol

    January 16, 2015 at 6:37 pm
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