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The Best Stroller for Walt Disney World

You might remember that we were sent the GB Evoq Travel System to review back in February. We liked it a lot at the time, but I told you that I’d check back in after we took it on our Walt Disney World trip. As you might have guessed from the title of this post, we were pretty happy with it even after two long weeks of hard use. That being said, there were definitely some things I would like to change and I wouldn’t exactly say the stroller survived our trip…


First, the good things:

The stroller is very easy to maneuver and I absolutely love how smoothly it reclines with just a squeeze of the handle. Many times on the trip, Calvin drifted off to sleep right when we were in the middle of something and I was able to gently tip him back a little to keep him snoozing.


Second, the basket underneath the seat carried a good amount of stuff and we were able to keep all of our extra sweatshirts, etc., down there without feeling like it was stuffed. That being said, I do have to toss a negative in here because there’s a bar across the back that makes it difficult to toss larger things like the diaper bag down there. We could access it more easily from the front, but I feel like it’s more intuitive to have the back of the basket be open.

One thing that I didn’t mention in my other review (and perhaps didn’t know at the time) was that the stroller seat actually slides up and down on the bars so you can keep it short (giving the back rider more room) or bring the seat up to give your baby a better view. Because of how adjustable it is, we were able to keep Calvin in his stroller instead of switching him to a highchair at many of the quick service restaurants. This kept him from being fussy and I was happy that he was buckled in to a less germy environment.


As for the other pros for this stroller, it was great for Eva to have a place to hop up and ride when her legs got tired and the oversized canopy did a great job shielding the sun and keeping the seat bird-poop-free when it was parked. Also, the stroller feels fairly short and narrow so I didn’t have to struggle with it in the shops. Anywhere that has standard wheelchair access is a breeze with this stroller.

Of course, not everything is perfect. Here are the negatives:

The stroller folds down easily BUT ONLY IF the basket is empty and the seat is tipped in the right position. Since we had to fold it up every time we got on a bus, we were frustrated more than once because it just wouldn’t fold up and we couldn’t figure out why (it was the angle of the seat). On our flight home, I got so flustered with it while trying to board the plane that I ended up just forcing it and cracked the side of the stroller. So, we still have it but it’s a bit more broken and I just take the seat completely off to fold it up and put it in our minivan.

The other negative isn’t exactly the stroller’s fault but it was still an annoyance: having a black stroller in Walt Disney World means you spend three times as much time trying to find it in stroller parking. I had tied ribbons to the handle, but I needed to do many more ribbons or perhaps tie a bouquet of stuffed animals on there somewhere because our stroller blended in with every other black stroller in the joint. By the time we left, I was pretty envious of the people with hot pink or neon green rides.

(Side note here: buying a balloon to tie to the handle is a good idea, but we saw a sad family whose balloon was stolen while they were riding It’s a Small World. People suck.)

Anyway, the final review is that the folding problem was very annoying but the stroller performed beyond our expectations in every other way so I would still say that this is the best stroller you can take to Walt Disney World. Being able to raise/lower/tilt the seat so easily was very handy and we also liked that we could flip the seat every now and then so we could see the baby (instead of having him face away from us). Even the four year old gave it her seal of approval during a particularly sleepy day:


See my original review of the stroller here.

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The Best Stroller for Walt Disney World

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  • Reply Hope at Disneyland

    If the weight capacity for the back was higher, this would also be a neat scooter for the parents in case THEIR legs got tired too, don’t you think? That way you could sort of glide/ride the stroller instead of pushing it all over. Anyway, this is one of the coolest ones I’ve seen. As someone who plays “dodge the stroller” in the crowded parks, I appreciate that these are smaller and easier to get away from. 😀

    April 15, 2015 at 6:59 pm
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