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Tour Utah: Eccles Dinosaur Park in Ogden


A few weeks ago, I accidentally drove the kids up to Ogden (about 45 minutes north of Salt Lake City). I was trying to take them to Hill Air Force Base so we could do an airplane-themed photo shoot but military happenings were happening and quite a few men in uniform told me to get lost. Apparently bloggers don’t get special privileges during a military crisis, no matter how important it is that they hit their deadlines. Who knew?

Anyway, I didn’t want to have dragged the kids up nawth for no reason, so Kyle searched for tourist traps in that general area and that’s how we ended up at the George S. Eccles Dinosaur Park, which is one of the weirdest places I’ve been to lately and which blew Eva’s freaking mind. She was ecstatic when she realized that we were not only going to go and see these dinosaur statues, but that there was an actual playground with actual dinosaurs that she could actually slide down. If there had been a boat ride somewhere on the property, I think she would have passed out from pure joy. She is definitely her father’s daughter.


The dinosaur park is a lot like a regular city park, except you pay to get in and they have these dinosaur statues all over. There’s also a themed playground, a small-ish museum featuring bones and fossils, and some hands-on activities for the kids (although only the coloring table was open while we were there). It’s pretty genius and makes me wonder why they don’t fill the city parks with dinosaur statues since that would bring people out to play. Someone make that happen!

IMG_4487 IMG_4320 IMG_4343

I got the impression that some of the representations were less than scientifically accurate (and I only know that because there were parents grumbling in the field trip groups we kept trying to avoid) but my knowledge of dinosaurs is pretty limited and we go by the Land Before Time names with all the long-necks and three-horns and spike-tails. Those dinos looked fine to me.

IMG_4363 IMG_4374

The highlight of the trip was the playground, although I’ll admit that I didn’t let the kids experience the whole thing because Calvin is out of control hard to handle in situations like this. He’s become a runner, which means as soon as he’s freed from his stroller he will shoot off in one direction as fast as he can, forcing me to chase him while simultaneously keeping an eye on our stuff and his big sister. Eva is patient about it and was a good sport about the fact that I kept them to one side of the playground only simply so I had less mileage to cover as he darted away over and over again.

IMG_4479 IMG_4446

Cal was a stinker like he always is at playgrounds and we were only able to play for 20 minutes before he had a complete meltdown and we had to fold up and head home. Most of his meltdown was due to the fact that he wanted to ride on the front of this two-seated dinosaur and Eva got the front seat first and no amount of stink eye was going to get her to budge. I think he thought that if he pouted long enough, I was going to force her off and bump him up to the driver’s seat. Nope. We oldest kids stick together.

IMG_4429 IMG_4433All in all, it was about as bizarre an outing as we could have taken, but the kids loved it and if Cal ever grows out of acting like Steve McQueen in The Great Escape whenever I take them places, we’ll probably be back. Next time we’re packing a lunch, though, since there’s no food on property. Maybe some dino nuggets?

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Tour Utah- Eccles Dinosaur Park in Ogden

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  • Reply Hope at Disneyland

    I think this turned out better than the military field trip. Dinosaurs are way cooler anyway. Also, the last pics of Calvin giving Eva the pout are so funny. I hope he gets a kick out of them too when he grows up. I think you should go back when Jurassic World opens. I know the kids are too young for the movie, but maybe just from seeing the ads and posters around town, they’ll be excited to think that they’re at “Jurassic World”. 🙂

    May 20, 2015 at 7:05 pm
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