Why Would Someone Lie About Their Genealogy?

Posted by Carly

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If you have a large family tree constructed, there’s a really good chance that you have something in there that simply isn’t true. It might be a birthday or a residence location or a middle name. It might also be something more significant like parentage that isn’t true, a last name pulled out of thin air, or a marriage date for a ceremony that never happened.

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Calvin’s Two Year Old Photo Session

Posted by Carly Morgan

Two Year Old Photo Session

We haven’t had a birthday party for him yet, but we did Calvin’s two year old photos yesterday. Little man is obsessed with the alphabet right now and I wanted to do something to remember that, so we went to the Marriott library at the University of Utah. It’s one of my favorite places and sort of an unusual location for a toddler photo session, so I was excited to see what we could come up with. I’m happy with the photos, although we did get the stink eye from some kids studying. Hey, it’s summer!

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Calvin’s Two Year Old Library Photo Session

Kids + Genealogy: Living History and Open Air Museums

Posted by Carly

Untitled 2 Pioneer Day in Salt Lake City

It’s Pioneer Day in Utah, which is a state holiday that celebrates the heritage of the settlers who came here in the 19th century. We have parades and fireworks and everyone hangs out and barbecues all day. For Eva’s first Pioneer Day, we took her to the local living history museum, This is the Place park, so we could get the real pioneer experience.

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