33 Things I Hope My Son Grows Up to Be

It’s Kyle’s birthday. My wonderful husband turns 33 today and I could write a novel about how great I think he is, but then you’d all close your browsers and roll your eyes. So, instead I’m going to write a list of 33 things I really hope Calvin learns from his father:

scan0142 copy1. Be kind first.

2. Having fun is better than winning.

3. Travel is the best investment.

4. How you are with your family matters more than how you are at your job.

5. How much you like your job matters more than how much you make at your job.

6. Be patient with customer service people. They probably don’t like their job.

7. Play with your kids every day.

8. Go away for college. Stay in college a little longer if it means you can have more experiences.

9. Don’t buy hamsters or guinea pigs. It’s a terrible return on your investment.

10. Never wear headphones while driving.

11. Smile when you talk, even on the phone because people can hear it.

12. When in doubt, go for the hotel with the good theming.

13. Run.

14. Let people win arguments if it doesn’t really matter to you.

15. Win arguments if you feel strongly about it, but then be gracious about winning.

16. Go to the library every week.

17. Actively pursue the things you’re interested in.

18. Watch other people’s favorite movies.

19. Own your favorite movies.

20. The only time sleep isn’t the best option is when you’re on vacation.

21. Corn goes with everything.

22. If there’s a sale, always buy batteries, cereal, and toilet paper.

23. Hang on to your friends.

24. Embarrass yourself for your kids.

25. Do favors for people even if you think they’ll go unnoticed because people always notice eventually and that’s what they remember about you.

26. Give a dollar to the charities at checkout if you can.

27. Learn to sip and appreciate good whiskey. Don’t just kick it back.

28. If you’re well enough to walk, park farther away in case the person behind needs those extra ten feet.

29. Surround yourself with things that inspire creativity.

30. Keep doing the things that make you happy for as long as they make you happy.

31. Be more than your wife (or partner) deserves.

32. Stay to the end of the credits.

33. Always, always, always be kind first.

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33 Things I Hope My Son Grows Up to Be

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  • Reply Hope at Disneyland

    Excellent list. We should all aim to hit all 33 items. I hope Kyle had a good birthday. 🙂

    July 28, 2015 at 6:56 pm
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