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A Salt Flats Story


On the drive out to California, we stopped at the salt flats to walk around for a minute. In the summer sun, it can get too hot even for a quick stroll but we were there fairly early in the morning and since the flats are a solid two hour drive from home, I always like to take advantage of the epic photo opp.

Eva loves the flats and ran ahead of us, explorer that she is, while we tried to adjust to the brightness. She likes to see other people’s footprints in the salt and make her own patterns by running around.


I was taking snapshot of Calvin standing on the flats when Eva found something interesting.


“Hey, look! This salt is yellow!”


“Eva, don’t touch that. It’s dirty.”



“No no, Calvin. Yucky.”

“Lellow? Lellow!”


“Lellow lellow lellow.”

“Kyle, get the baby.”



Two big handfuls of yellow salt later, Kyle took Calvin back to the rest area to thoroughly rinse him and slather him in an entire bottle of hand sanitizer.

In the meantime, I explained to Eva what made the salt yellow. To be fair, I’m pretty sure that lesson will stick in her mind.


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A Salt Flats Story

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    HAHAHA! The more you know! 😉

    July 14, 2015 at 6:09 pm
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