Display Old Family Photos with Captions

Once you’ve scanned those old family photos and they’re in your digital archives, you’re likely to find a new favorite that you’d forgotten about. I love it when people have snapshots blown up and shared throughout their home, but it’s often tough to get the whole story if you’re just seeing a photograph. That’s why I’m a fan of adding captions to framed family photos to let people know what you’re sharing.


For my mom’s birthday last year, I got her a framed photo print¬†from Minted called Simple Type and added a caption that says “diana, age 1 // birthday party” and features a picture of my grandmother serving mom cake at her birthday party. The photo came from a set of slides that I had scanned the summer before so it wasn’t an image that my mom had seen very often and it’s fun to see it out on display in their house. I got my stepdad a framed photo in the same wood (Distressed Indigo Stain) so they could go together and I’m planning on adding to their collection as time goes on.

Do you have a lot of family photos around? How do you display them?

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