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8 Movies to Watch When You’re Pregnant

Baby fever! I have it!

I’m headed to the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas very soon with my very pregnant very good friend Kate. Kate’s attendance is part of an exciting announcement that I’ll be making in the near future (no, I’m not pregnant) but in the meantime I’m gearing up for the expo by drooling over all of the promotional emails full of baby gear (no, I’m not pregnant) and researching things like “20 must-haves for the first month” (really, you guys, I’m not pregnant).

I just, you know. Yum. Love them babies.

Calvin as a Newborn

Anyway, the expo is apparently massive and I’m so excited to walk through with Kate and finish planning out what she might need for the next year or so. I’m also excited to spend some quality (and long overdue) BFF time with this person who has been like a sister to me for a couple of decades. Cookies will be involved. Pajama pants. And also some movies appropriate for bonding when someone is super pregnant and the husbands are at home.

Without further ado, I give you 8 of my favorite movies to watch if you’re pregnant:

Movies to watch when pregnant

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1 /// What to Expect When You’re Expecting

You know how everyone reads the book when they get pregnant? Well, that book ought to come with this movie because it’s pretty much the greatest pregnancy movie ever. Including all future pregnancy movies. Hilarious and touching and all of that.

2 /// Babies

This movie should be required viewing for people who are pregnant for the first time. It’s a documentary that follows four babies and there’s no narration or anything, so you’re just watching the babies grow during their first year or so of life. There’s nothing that will make you feel better about having the wrong shade of yellow in your nursery than watching someone else’s baby happily chew on a rock.

3 /// Juno

A good mix of sarcastic and sweet, this teen pregnancy classic has everything going for it, including the ever-adorable Michael Cera.

4 /// Father of the Bride 2

I wouldn’t normally throw a sequel into a “best of” lineup but this movie is so very sweet and it’s really Steve Martin at his finest. Oh, and Martin Short. I die.

5 /// Where the Heart Is

This is more of a general chick flick than a baby movie, but the movie starts with a pregnancy and the thread of motherhood is carried throughout. I just love little pregnant clueless Natalie Portman…much more than scary Black Swan Natalie Portman.

6 /// Away We Go

This movie is not clueless and has almost a little too much edge for comfort (not something you want to watch with your parents if you’re still putting off that birds and the bees talk after thirty years…) but the acting by this everyone-is-in-it cast is pretty great.

7 /// Nine Months

This movie almost didn’t make the cut because the humor is a little nineties-dated and I’m always distracted by the fact that the two main actors apparently hate each other, but it does have some good moments and Jeff Goldblum is in it, so it automatically becomes watchable.

8 /// Look Who’s Talking

And also, the baby movie of all baby movies. Yes, it’s a bit cheesy, but hearing Bruce Willis’s voice come out of that cute face is going to make you want to have a baby and a baby and a baby. (If you’re looking to stop at just one baby, pick up the sequel. Hearing Roseanne Barr’s voice come of that baby will stop your ovaries cold.)

Honorable mentions: Penny Serenade (a Cary Grant classic that I absolutely adore, but it’s a total tearjerker), Rosemary’s Baby (only watch it if you’re feeling a little masochistic), Parenthood (some cute moments but this is Steve Martin at his so-neurotic-he’s-practically-unwatchable), She’s Having a Baby (this eighties movie drags at some parts but the lawn mowing scene was pretty entertaining), Three Men and a Baby (it would have made the list but I get the eebie-jeebies from Ted Danson sometimes), and Willow (yes, I’m a total nerd but how can you not love this totally-baby-centered film?).


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