A Preschool Potion Making Playdate

A Preschool Potion Playdate Four year olds love glitter, getting messy, and being with their friends. So, naturally, this glittery potion making playdate was a hit! The good news is that it only cost me about $30 (including new toys!) and took about 15 minutes to prep and 15 minutes to clean up. I got the idea from Little Charmers, a preschool show on Nick Jr. The show is focused on three friends who all have magical powers and the theme of the show is that you can do anything with friends, so I knew that a playdate was in order and wanted to surprise the girls with both a fun activity and a few little surprises to inspire them. I received a package with a few Little Charmers toys, so I picked up a matching set at the toy store. That way both friends would get a new friend of their own (stuffed pals from the show) and a wand for creating magic. Little Charmers toys To set the scene, I arranged for a lunchtime playdate (complete with kid food) and started by letting the kids watch an episode of Little Charmers online so they’d be familiar with the characters. Little Charmers IMG_8621 While they were enjoying the show, I wrapped their surprises up (no names – it was a surprise to me to see who got what!) and wrapped our dining table in some festive gift wrap because easy clean up is the name of the game around here. Little Charmers holiday gifts Then I got busy in the kitchen, preparing a tray of necessary magic-making potion supplies. I had picked up some salt shakers and other cheap glass dispensers at Walmart so all I had to do was fill them up with fun stuff. I used: /// baking soda /// vinegar /// Jello mix in different colors /// a mixture of dish soap + water /// glitter in different colors /// sequin mix Potion Making Activity Once the kids were done watching the show, it was time for the surprises. We started with the gifts first and they were excited to recognize the toys from the show they had just watched. Little Charmers gifts for preschoolPreschool presentsLittle Charmers Wands Then, it was time to practice making their own charms. Each girl got a little plastic work area (the top of disposable roasting pans) with some empty jars and bottles from the pantry). I brought out the tray of potion  making supplies and got the anticipated “oohs” and “aaahs” but then I was surprised that they started to work almost silently. I was a little worried that they were going to find this activity boring, which would have been disappointing after I had set it all up. IMG_2865 IMG_2869 IMG_8683 Nope. It turns out that they were approaching the science of potion making with the seriousness of med students. Everything was carefully measured, checked, stirred, and compared as they made potions for growing taller, having fun, making rainbows, flying, and being best best best friends. IMG_8711 IMG_8728 IMG_8749 IMG_8765 IMG_8766 IMG_8804 IMG_8812 IMG_8825 They were entertained for more than an hour (stopping only when I was worried they were actually going to overflow their work areas) and the funny thing was that their potions ended up looking completely different even though they were using the same materials. All in all, this playdate was definitely a winner and we’ll be doing it again! Little Charmers inspired potion making playdate What Eva doesn’t know is that I also got the new Little Charmers Magic Hazel Doll. She comes with her cat and a cape that “disappears” when you push a button so I know Eva will be excited to find her under the tree come Christmas. I’m hoping they come out with larger dolls of her friends as well so she can have some buddies! Little Charmers are the perfect holiday gift! Visit the Little Charmer’s website to make this holiday season magical! Little Charmers Hazel doll See our Little Charmers inspired potion making playdate in action:

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A Preschool Potion Making Playdate

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