Crafting with Airheads: Weave Custom Candies

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Woven Airheads Candy Craft

Of all the candies safe for Eva’s nut allergies, Airheads is one of our favorites. It travels well, takes up no space in the diaper bag, and is fun to play with. To be honest, I’ll take Airheads over modeling clay any day because it smells a lot better and the kids eat whatever they create (saving me from having to find shelf space for yet another art project!). One of Eva’s favorite activities is to make miniature fruit shapes out of her Airheads until she has a whole fruit salad going on. Calvin prefers to make himself mustaches.

This project, however, is part candy fun and part homeschooling genius. One of the life skills that Eva is working on is the concept of weaving and it turns out that Airheads are a ton of fun to weave. They stretch and bend nicely and at the end of it you’ve created a big custom candy in your favorite colors. I’m just happy to have another outlet for Eva to practice her manual dexterity and it’s not like Eva’s going to complain when I start pulling out the Airheads!

First, pick your Airheads. It doesn’t really matter which you go for, but I did four of my favorites for this example:

Airheads Craft

Unwrap the bars, use a rolling pin to flatten them a bit, and carefully slice each bar into three strips. To make an even square, it usually takes just about six bars (with a little leftover to keep little hands happy).

IMG_8414 IMG_8416 IMG_8427

Put two of the strips perpendicular to each other, press gently on the corners to create a frame, and start your weaving.


Little tip: keep the strips close together if you’re planning on cutting shapes out of the finished square. It makes the lines on the shape a little cleaner.


Once your mat is woven, use your rolling pin to press the colors together (a few passes should do) and then use your cookie cutters if you’re making shapes. Push the cookie cutter into the mat and then use your hands to peel the excess from around the edge of the shape before you remove the cookie cutter.

IMG_8455 IMG_8458

Voila! Are they not cute??

Woven Airheads Candy

Eva uses the cookie cutters sometimes, but the best part of this activity for her is the weaving. She can weave for a long time, changing the color patterns, moving the strips around, and sneaking a little bit off the end every now and then. For four years old, I’m really proud of her mad candy weaving skills.

IMG_8466 IMG_8470 IMG_8478 IMG_8481 IMG_8487

Even if she doesn’t use the cookie cutters, she always comes up with a creative use for her woven candy mats. Like making a telescope…

IMG_8497 IMG_8490

Kids are weird.


There isn’t a lot of prep with this one and clean up is easy, so consider this if you’re looking for a sweet party activity but you’re worried about guests who have nut allergies or who can’t be around gluten. These candies are totally safe for those groups and (as Eva has demonstrated), all you have to do is provide the candy strips and stand back. This candy is begging to be played with.

For more fun ideas on how to craft with Airheads visit and follow them on Pinterest. To learn more about Airheads candy visit their website and follow them on FacebookTwitter, Instagram, and YouTube!

Posted by Ever Clever Mom on Thursday, October 29, 2015


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Crafting with Airheads- Weave Custom Candies

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