No Big Deal Wax Paper Pumpkins for Halloween

No Big Deal Wax Paper Pumpkins for Halloween

You need: orange crayons, a sharp knife, wax paper, a paper grocery bag, your iron, black construction paper, green construction paper, and some clear tape.

To start, peel those orange crayons and chop them up carefully with a knife. I like to use a few different shades of orange to keep things interesting, but if you only have regular orange on hand you’ll be fine. Some people prefer to use a crayon sharpener to make shavings, but personally I think that takes waaaaaay too long and I like how the different chunky bits create spotty bursts of melted wax.

Fold a piece of wax paper in half so that your folded piece is just small enough to fit inside of a folded paper grocery bag. Open your folded wax paper, sprinkle crayon chunks on the wax paper leaving enough space for the melted wax to move around, shut your wax paper, and carefully slip it into the folded grocery bag. Use your iron on a middle level of heat to melt the wax by ironing the grocery bag.

Materials - No Big Deal Wax Paper Pumpkins for Halloween

Once the wax is melted, let it cool until it’s hardened and then freehand cut your pumpkins out. You (or your kid) can now freehand some green stems and black faces using the construction paper. No stencils here! The charm in these is that each one is a little unique.

crayon pumpkins

Use your tape to stick the stems and faces on the pumpkins and you’re ready to hang on the window! Don’t worry…even if your October weather is a little on the warm side the wax won’t melt as the sun comes through…unless maybe you leave in Phoenix because all sorts of unpredictable heat craziness happens in Phoenix.

Enjoy your weekend!

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No Big Deal Wax Paper Pumpkins for Halloween

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