Create an Elegant Kid-Proof Thanksgiving Table Using Office Supplies

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Thanksgiving table using kraft paper

We’re one week away from Thanksgiving, so start getting those plans in order if you’ll be hosting your holiday at home! We’re doing Thanksgiving here with just the four of us for the first time. It’s not only the first time with our kids, it’s the first time Kyle and I have ever done Thanksgiving in our own house! It’s such a family-ish holiday that we always enjoy gathering with everyone somewhere around a great big turkey, but this year we thought we’d try a little turkey-in-our-PJs action. I’ll miss seeing everyone (and I’m sure we’ll miss my mom’s cooking) but I’m excited to go low key.

Of course, low key doesn’t mean we won’t be doing anything. I would love to have a great big feast with elegant appetizers, a huge turkey, and tons of sides. I would also love for that feast to be served on the most elegant table ever, complete with large candelabras and little pumpkins with our names written on them in calligraphy showing each person where to sit. Of course, we have two kids under five and getting dinner on the table at all is often a trial so our Thanksgiving is likely to be less fancy (did I mention the PJs?).

Not wanting to completely phone it in, I will be making a festive table…albeit a kid-friendly table where nothing is on fire and things are still pretty hard to break. So, we did an Autumn-themed tea table today as a trial run and it turned out rather lovely! The good news is that I only used office supplies that I had on hand, instead of running out to the party store, so this is a table you could easily recreate at home.

Autumn tea timeGold tea trayUsing kraft paper to make a simple but elegant tablescapeThe first element to the table is the good old dependable kraft paper, which I buy in bulk because we find so many different uses for it. I laid it down over our white tablecloth (the same one we use for everyday tea time) to act as the main buffer against spills and lend a nice natural vibe.

I used a pencil eraser and a pad of gold ink to do some subtle gold dots to give it a bit of shimmer…

Use a pencil eraser and stamp pad to make polka dots…and I added a trim to both sides using paper tape with gold hearts on it. I really love the combination of gold on craft paper. I think because my favorite color is brown (yes, really!) it just makes me happy.

Paper washi tape border on kraft paper runnerThe only other decor I used for the table were the leaves we collected up the canyon and laminated at home. The colors are perfect for thanksgiving and the fact that you can play with them keeps little hands busy while dinner is being served or when they’re waiting to be excused from the table. We’ve gotten so many good conversations out of these leaves!

Thanksgiving tableAutumn leaves laminated for ThanksgivingMaple leaves as Thanksgiving decorLeaves scattered on the Thanksgiving table

I did go a little more elegant with the serving dishes, which is easy because I’ve been collecting either white or white/gold dishes for a while now. Even with the dishes being mismatched, they all look like they go together. Plus, when there’s an inevitable chipping of dishes since little hands are still getting used to handling fragile things, it never ruins “the set” because none of these were a set to begin with!

Tea time using gold dishesWhite and gold dishesTea time for kids

I did add the placemat in the center of the table to ground our tea tray and make it the centerpiece. I’m pretty sure that’s where the turkey is going to go on T-day with all of the side dishes gathered around. I love placemats because they add such interesting texture, but giving our kids fabric placemats is the surest way to raise the probability that someone will spill grape juice or cranberry sauce or something else equally stainable. Until everyone is a little older, those placemats are safer as food islands…far away from the juice…

Using a placemat for the centerpiece at ThanksgivingAfternoon tea at homeThanksgiving table that works for kids

It’s a simple table, but just the right amount of special for a small family celebration and I’m happy that it’s another little something I can do to make the holiday memorable for the kids. I’m also happy that I’ve been collecting my monochromatic dishes for a while so I’m all set to make the food feel as fancy (or kid-fancy) as we’d like, whether it’s Thanksgiving or just afternoon tea with mom.

Gold and white teacup

Wayfair has a large selection of, well, everything and dishes are no exception. I’ve rounded up some pieces in my chosen color scheme to give you a little inspiration for your own table:

Gold and White Dishes from Wayfair

1 /// Crestwood Gold 3.25″ Salt & Pepper Shaker Set by Noritake 2 /// Sierra Pine Chip and Dip Tray by BonJour 3 /// Marais Gold Glazed Cake Stand by DwellStudio 4 /// 32 Oz. Gold Luster Decanter by Fitz and Floyd 5 /// Gold Luster Hi-Ball Glass by Fitz and Floyd 6 /// White Basics Round Condiment Server by Maxwell & Williams 7 /// Whittier Divided Square Serving Bowl by Ten Strawberry Street 8 /// Blanc de Blanc Serving Bowl by Tabletops Gallery 9 /// Federal Gold Oval Platter by Lenox 10 /// Stoneware Multi Bowl by Le Creuset

Don’t forget to poke around while you’re on there! For the third year in a row, I’ve ordered our Santa gifts from Wayfair because they always have those big ticket items at a good price. No telling on what the kids are getting, though…stay tuned!

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