Don’t Put Sidewalk Chalk in Your Kid’s Hair

Long story short: Eva wanted to be a mermaid for Halloween and she wanted mermaid hair. I saw a thing on Pinterest about using water and sidewalk chalk to color your kid’s hair.

It was a bad idea.

Because when you get chalk wet (while simultaneously ruining your recycled plastic plate)…

Wet sidewalk chalk

…and then you pinch the chalk between your fingers to make a paste and rub it into your kid’s hair…

Sidewalk chalk in hair

…and then you dry it because you think that might make it look better…

Color hair using sidewalk chalk

…it will not look better. It will, however, leave a fine layer of chalk dust over absolutely everything in your clean bathroom, especially the white towels so they can get all rainbow stained when you use them.

And the hair? The hair will not look good.

Mermaid hair using sidewalk chalk

And now you know.

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  • Reply SadStalker

    does this will be hurt to hair? but the color can’t still longer.

    May 31, 2016 at 9:17 pm
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