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Kate at ABC Kids 2015: Top 10 for Baby

It’s time to start the recaps for ABC Kids 2015!

A little background here: ABC Kids isn’t a blogger conference. It’s a trade show where baby/maternity/youth brands show off their products so buyers from stores can walk around and place orders for what they want to stock in their shops this year. If you can imagine how many different products there are out there for babies and how many different versions of those different products exist, it makes sense that this show was huge.

ABC Kids Expo 2015

Kate and I were at ABC to walk around and see the stuff that’s new this year, get to know the reps from some of the brands I want to work with, and generally figure out what Kate and Chris might need for the baby. We were excited to go and browse around all the teeny tiny stuff, but even at a breakneck run I don’t think we could have seen everything in three days! Add in the fact that 90% of this stuff was brand new for Kate and this was her first event working as part of the Ever Clever Mom team and…well…she kind of looked like this for the first 24 hours. Kate. Overloaded.

Kate at ABC Kids Expo

Even so, we did see a whole collection of great stuff and so many things that are smart and sweet and lovely will be coming to the market this year. Many things were flashy and impressive, but we were drawn over and over to the practical solutions and family-based companies that are doing really good work.

I wanted to start the recaps by highlighting the “best of” lists we put together in Vegas so you can see the things that really stood out for us while we were walking the floor, starting with this list of Kate’s top ten baby products seen at ABC Kids 2015.

1 /// SnapPower nightlight outlet

This is a simple product that I’m surprised nobody has invented yet. These outlet covers snap on to your existing outlets and provide subtle lighting from the bottom of the cover. The lights are pretty much hidden, so there’s nothing to invite little fingers to mess with them, and they are on a light sensor so they only turn on when it’s dark.

2 /// Infant Toys from Green Toys

I’m a longtime fan of Green Toys but Kate had never heard of them and she loved the whole collection. All of the products are made from recycled milk jugs mixed with a soy-based dye so they’re incredibly sturdy, they don’t chip or fade, and they’re completely safe to go in little mouths.

3 /// Nursery Bedding from Lambs and Ivy

Lambs and Ivy offers nursery bedding in a large variety of themes and Kate is going for a woodland look for her baby so she loved this set.

4 /// Storage from 3 Sprouts

This was a new brand for me, although Kate fell in love with them when she was doing her shopping for their baby registry. These storage solutions have the cutest little animal friends on them and you can mix and match to create a whole menagerie.

Kate at 3 Sprouts

5 /// Canopy from Blue Baby Bum

We got a product demo from these guys and they showed us how this one canopy from blue baby bum is a stroller cover, car seat cover, nursing blanket, and tummy time mat. Kate was really excited about this one, since she’s all about being a minimalist, and we both loved the cute patterns.

6 /// Silky Soft Muslin from Aden + Anais

Again, I was already a fan of Aden + Anais muslin products, but I had never seen the silky soft muslin made from bamboo and we both freaked out over how unbelievably soft this stuff is. Like, I think we might have made a bit of a scene trying to wrap ourselves up in the display at the booth. I can’t even explain. You have to feel it.

7 /// GB Pockit Stroller

There were so many strollers at ABC but this one stood out to us because of it’s incredible shrinking size. This full stroller folds down so small you could slip it in a backpack or tuck it into the overhead bin on an airplane. Genius! Frustratingly, it’s not available yet but if you go to their website they have an email alert set up so you can pounce on it as soon as it’s for sale.

8 /// Baby Bump

The Baby Bump is a new product that falls somewhere between maternity gear and baby furniture. It’s a stability ball with legs so you can sit on it while pregnant or with your baby and not worry about suddenly losing your balance and rolling off. Kate tried it out and gave it high fives all around for giving her hips and back a break now that she’s in the 3rd trimester.

Kate on Baby Bump at ABC Kids Expo

9 /// Youth Furniture from HomePop

It’s big people furniture, but smaller. So, so cute.

10 /// 4moms Playard

Like strollers, we saw a lot of playards at ABC. This one stood out because of how unbelievably easy it was to open and close! It doesn’t have other bells and whistles (outside of a detachable bassinet), but I think that one feature is going to be enough to outrun the competition.

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