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Allergy-Safe Holiday Party: Make Toys for the Animal Shelter

Make animal toys for the animal shelterEvery year my parents have a holiday open house. Traditionally, they’ve provided blank cookies and decorating materials and everyone has decorated cookies to take home while also bringing cookies to trade. It’s a big fun cookie extravaganza and we used to really enjoy it before Eva was diagnosed, but since we found out about her allergies it’s turned into a bit of a stressful event where we usually just pop our heads in and then leave.

This year, my stepmom changed things up a bit and made it allergy-friendly, which was awesome. Instead of decorating cookies, she set up two different stations where people could make cat and dog toys to be donated to the animal shelter. Isn’t that a great idea?

allergy safe holiday party

One station had fabric, stuffing, and catnip to be easily turned into cat toys and the other station had towels to be cut up and braided for dog toys. There was also a hot cocoa bar and some wine and cookies, but the allergy risk was way down compared to prior years so we were able to hang out for a long time stress-free and chat with people while we worked on our toys. And yes, Calvin is holding pinking shears but I swear we had our eye on him!


I love this idea for an allergy-safe holiday party! If you want to do something similar, here are some links to tutorials for easy and inexpensive animal toys:

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