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Eva Style: Snow Day

Note: I received a free pair of snow boots from Pediped to feature in this style post. All the thoughts and opinions below are my own. Thanks, Pediped!

Salt Lake City got all of our winter snow over and done with during the last two days. We had only had a few dustings so the kids were thrilled to wake up to a white world. The rest of us were a little less than thrilled with all the shoveling and the cars sliding into each other and the cancelled plans because why would you go out in this weather?? Still, it’s fun to see the snow through the kids’ eyes and when it got a little warmer today and the sidewalks cleared, I was able to finally enjoy our marshmallow world and take some snow bunny photos of Miss Eva D. in her element.

IMG_6022 IMG_6066 IMG_6030 IMG_6045

She’s wearing the Cruz snow boot from Pediped, a company you might be familiar with because I’ve been putting both of the kids in Pediped forever. (Seriously. I had Pediped shoes for Eva before I had Eva.) I love this brand because the shoes are designed to be extra comfortable and supportive but they still manage to be stylish. We’ve never tried out their snow boots before, but I’m already a big fan because of how sturdy they are,  how much grip the rubber soles have, and the fact that there are two straps to tighten to keep them tight against the leg. I don’t know why so many kid snow boots are just giant shoes with no traction that slip, slide, and get stuck in the snow every time you turn around?

Pediped snow boots

Earnshaw’s named Pediped the best footwear brand for kids, so if you haven’t checked them out I would highly recommend it. They have a great selection of boots (including riding boots, rain boots, and the cutest little moccasin/boot hybrids for babies). A lot of them are gender neutral, too, which something I really value now that I appreciate how much I spent on Eva’s shoe collection when she was Calvin’s age and how nice it would be if all the hand-me-downs weren’t pink and sparkly.

And yes, we really put the Cruz boots to the test in the blizzard. They held up.

IMG_5998 IMG_5964 IMG_5977 IMG_0736-ANIMATION

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