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Functional Mom Gear: PacaPod Diaper Bag for Allergy Parents

Allergy parent reality – No matter how big your kids get, you’re probably going to need to carry a big bag with you. In addition to emergency medication (which is a little bulky on its own), I currently carry safe snacks for the kids, diapers and wipes for Calvin (not often needed but just in case), and a few other mom things. For this reason, I rarely carry a little bag. I’m a big bag mom.


This one is the Jura diaper bag (part of the Yummy Mummy line from PacaPod) and it’s currently meeting all of our different needs in a very smart way. Tons of diaper bag companies make bags that have lots of small pockets, special compartments, and little time-savers but I got excited about this one at the ABC Kids Expo because I immediately saw the possibilities for allergy families.


PacaPod diaper bags have two small pods that fit into the diaper bag and are designed to make organizing baby’s life a little easier. One is a diaper pod that comes with a changing bad and a little nappy bag and the other is an insulated pod designed for bottles and other feeding gear. Since we’re past bottles, I jumped on the chance to use that insulated pod to hold Eva’s allergy medication. The insulation protects her meds from rough treatment and from major changes in temperature which could break down the medicine and make it less effective in an emergency. Believe me, even being careful we’ve accidentally left the bag in the car or in the sun a few times and even walking around in the frigid winter air I get a little worried about it. It’s nice to have everything safe and protected in a convenient place!

IMG_5593 IMG_5604

We’re still using the other pod to hold diapers and wipes but I think we’re rapidly approaching a point where even the emergency stash won’t be necessary. Since the pod is removable I could pull it out and just have open space for things like toys and extra shirts (still very necessary in our household for some reason) or I might use it to hold my DSLR since I do take it with us a lot and it would be nice to be able to get to it so easily. I’ve also thought about buying an extra insulated food pod to use for hot/cold Eva safe foods. It would be nice to worry less about finding safe lunch when we’re out!

IMG_5615 IMG_5624

They make fanny packs and things like that for kids to carry their own medication and Eva does use a little Epi pen belt occasionally, but right now she’s in that sweet spot of being responsible and not being responsible. She’s responsible about not putting things in her mouth, keeping her hands clean, and noticing symptoms but I think she’s a little young to carry her medication on her. Plus, like I mentioned before, the meds aren’t the whole Eva kit and caboodle. So, I’m going to be a big bag mom for a while most likely. No complaints. Between the cute smart bag, the fairly healthy kids, and the fact that we’ve found ways to go out safely at all despite Eva’s challenges, I’m a happy camper.

IMG_5634 IMG_5665 IMG_5710 IMG_5801 IMG_5819 IMG_5848 IMG_5886 IMG_5895

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  • Reply Jennifer

    We started putting his epi belt (also holds an inhaler) on our son when he was too young to truly be responsible for it so that 1- he got used to it being apart of him-if I forgot (I always had extra with me) he would say “mom I need my belt on!” encouraging that habit as early as possible when we would get ready to leave the house. 2- his medication was on him in case of emergency, there is no more convenient place for a fast response than on the child. I love your idea of a thermal bag for carrying! Oh how many epi pens we have left in the car… and money out the window!

    June 13, 2017 at 1:31 pm
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