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Kate and the mamaRoo: Worth the Hype?

Disclaimer: I received a mamaRoo for free from 4moms for review purposes. The thoughts and opinions below are my own.

Baby in the mamaRoo

It’s no secret that I was active during my pregnancy. I’m completely convinced that my running and walking has created a monster. Don’t get me wrong, Steven is a relatively good baby as far as 2 month old babies go, but this kid does not do “still” well. Getting him to calm down when he’s being fussy takes about a thousand steps around the house or a long walk in the stroller to get him to sleep, which isn’t entirely convenient when it’s two o’clock in the morning.

4moms mamaRoo to the rescue!

Before Carly and I went to the ABC Kids Expo, I knew about the mamaRoo because Chris’ sister, Rachel used one for her newborn and loved it. When we went to Buy Buy Baby to do our baby registry, one of the few things we knew we wanted was the mamaRoo. Count us completely surprised and honored when we got it in the mail after the expo from the company for free!

What we knew we’d love:

  • Doesn’t take up a lot of space – a lot of swings these days are required to have a wider base at the bottom so they don’t tip over when the swinging motion starts, but the mamaRoo is all electric and takes up less than 3 square feet of space so it’s convenient to put anywhere in the house. Ours sits mainly in the living room, but we’ve moved it to the bedroom as well.
  • Different motion options – when Carly and I were at the ABC Kids Expo, we met with a representative from 4moms who told us that the making of the mamaRoo involved observation of over EIGHT THOUSAND moms to make the five offered motions for the “move like you” trademark. Steven prefers the “kangaroo” motion, but there are also “car ride”, “tree swing”, “rock-a-bye”, and “wave” motions. It’s great because you can adjust how fast or slow the motion goes.

mamaRoo baby

  • Different sound options – mamaRoo has 5 different options for your baby to listen to: rain, fan, ocean, heart, and auxiliary. Plus you can turn it up from a volume of 1-5 for SUPER intense heart sounds! Steven prefers the fan overall, which is the one that sounds most like white noise to me.
  • Easy to put together and wash – this literally took Chris 5 minutes to put together once we got everything out of the box. It all seemed so simple even down to the part where the baby sits, that just zips into the frame (also making it super easy to remove and wash). The newborn insert also just slides right over the little seatbelt part so you can wash it.

Assembling the mamaRoo

The other things we love about it, (but didn’t know we needed until we actually had a baby):

  • The newborn insert – which is reversible and super soft and easy to wash. Steven was so small when he was born (and is still on the small end of things, weighing in at a little over 7 pounds at one month) so putting him in the mamaRoo with no insert would have been a squished up, bobble-headed mess. Having the insert also seems to help with the fact that we can wrap him up after buckling him in by putting a blanket over the insert and tucking it underneath so he’s nice and snuggled. My only compliant about the insert is that there aren’t more options as far as colors or patterns go. Right now, mamaRoo only offers one reversible insert that has colored shapes on one side and a grey polka dot pattern on the back.
  • Adjustable seat recline – with a baby that has a bit of reflux, having something for him to sit in that can adjust to more of a sitting up position was really helpful.
  • Auxiliary input – as a baby gift, Carly gave me a little iPod with “baby songs that don’t drive people nuts” on it. It’s nice to be able to connect that or my phone with Pandora on to the mamaRoo and just let it play when I don’t want to listen to the white noise of a fan for 20 minutes.

Other notes:

Although the mamaRoo is Bluetooth capable, we haven’t used that feature at all. I think it would be nice to change speed or motion or sound with my phone, but it’s just not something I have used yet. Also, there is a little mobile above the seat with three plush balls with patterns on one side and a colorful side on the back. At almost 8 weeks, Steven has started to really look intently at the black and white side of the mobile.

It’s nice that the balls are easily removable to keep looking at and playing with away from the mamaRoo – we have even taken one to the pediatrician to keep Steven occupied and not fussing while in the waiting room. I do wish that the mobile was electronic as well, though. With the entire system being electric, having a mobile that rotates but only when you do it on your own is a little out of place. I also wish that there was an on/off switch instead of just plugging and unplugging it.

Sleeping in the mamaRoo

Overall, I think this product is great and is such a step up from the standard swings that are (or used to be) so popular in the baby market. It’s so many things in one and has really been useful for us, not just as a swing, but also as a great little place to put Steven down to just take a nap with no movement or sound just because it’s so ergonomic and comfortable.

When we were at the Expo in October, we made a point to stop by the 4moms booth and I really got the impression that their engineers are really invested in making superb products. They don’t have as many products as some other baby brands on the market, but the things they make are extremely well-made, simple, convenient, and useful. (You should check out their version of the pack and play: AMAZING!) I would highly recommend them to any parents out there.

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