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The Tulip Festival and Our Most Convenient Stroller Yet

This post was sponsored by @GBChildUsa as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I received the gb Pockit to facilitate my review.


If you’re in Utah, here’s your reminder that the tulip festival starts at Thanksgiving Point this weekend. It’s a season highlight for us since tulips are my favorite flower and the kids love running around the different areas. We actually went down there last weekend to get a sneak peek, since last year’s tulip festival visit was a little hot and crowded. There were a fair amount of flowers that hadn’t quite bloomed yet, but we still saw plenty of color and got our spring fix.






Our kids are at a little bit of an awkward age for family outings because they’re too big to be carried and too little to walk forever without getting tired, but they also don’t want to be strapped into a stroller. Inevitably, this means that my husband becomes this pack mule that drags them around.



For this reason, I’ve been keeping our stroller in the back of our car but it’s a pain because (A) it’s large enough that it takes up 80% of the trunk and (B) it’s really for smaller kids so Calvin can’t get in and out of it easily and it’s too bulky for tight areas like gift shops. As a result, we really have to be banking on the fact that the kids are going to fall apart before we haul it out of the car. For this reason, I was really excited to see the demo for the gb Pockit when I was at the ABC Kids Expo this past fall. You might remember this awesome Instagram video:



The gb Pockit stroller folds up so small that you can slip it into a backpack but it’s still a full-size stroller ready to handle even the most sulky and insistent “I’m not tired!” two year old out there.



I’m so happy to finally have one of these! This is our ninth (!!!) stroller since we had Eva. That might seem like an insane number, but it’s pretty hard to find one that fits our life! The first couple that we had were too short (we’re both about 6 feet tall) and then the next two were infant-pram models that were too bulky and just weren’t worth the hassle of getting them out. Then we got the single jogging stroller and the double jogging stroller (both of which were too big to fit in the car so we were jogging from home if we wanted to use them) and our double stroller (nice but too wide for everyday use) and our sit-and-stand convertible (the one that’s been taking up our trunk space for the last year). It’s nice to finally have one that doesn’t take up too much space, isn’t hard to carry if the kids aren’t using it, and gives them a break when they need to take a rest.


The fold is easy (keeping the front wheels locked is key) and you just unclip it and shake it out to make it pop up into a stroller. It definitely has a lighter feel to it when you’re pushing (especially over bumpy terrain) so that took some getting used to. Also, there’s a small compartment under the stroller where we threw a water bottle and some sunglasses, but my bag wouldn’t fit under there so I looped it around the handles instead. Some stroller clips would help this, but (like most umbrella strollers) it will tip backward if you have any weight on the handles and there isn’t a child sitting down. Then again, your bag might be lighter than mine since I always travel with my DSLR camera, snacks for the kids, and all of Eva’s meds.


Eva is a little small for five years old, so you can take the fact that she fits in here with a grain of salt BUT she was very happy to snuggle in out of the rain when it started to sprinkle. The little rain guard kept her dry (along with the fact that she stole my cardigan) and her brother was equally happy to give up his seat so he could get all soggy in the drizzle.




I was a little worried about taking the stroller out on such a “big” outing, especially after the grounds started to get muddy and we were going over lots of hills and gravel patches, but we didn’t have any issues. It was a good test, too, since we’re traveling a lot this summer and now I won’t have to worry about choosing between packing enough clothes for everyone or taking a stroller so we don’t end up skipping outings that seem too daunting for the kids.


If anything, we actually thought about getting a second and keeping them both in front of the kids’ car seats on the floors so they could each have one, since space wouldn’t be an issue. I don’t think we will, just because Eva is hitting that upper cusp of not needing a stroller any more, but I might get one for my parents to keep since they could have it in their trunk and not even notice. Nothing worse than being caught without a stroller when you need one!

You can pick up the gb Pockit stroller at Babies R Us.


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