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Amazon Roundup: Surviving the First Trimester

I am very lucky to be able to get pregnant and (with a little medical help) stay that way, but I’m also the first to raise my hand and say that the first trimester of pregnancy sucks.

I classically have about 48 hours between learning that I’m pregnant and starting the whole throwing-up-for-weeks-and-weeks process. I’m moody, tired, and generally disgusting. There is no glow or magic for me in those early weeks. The best part about them is that when they end, I always feel like Tim Robbins pulling himself out of the pipe from Shawshank.

If you’re in your first trimester, congratulations! And it’s ok if you hate it. For a lot of people, it sucks.


Amazon affiliate links:

1 – Prenatals: I’m not able to take the big horse-pill prenatals in the beginning, but I can usually handle these gummy ones without throwing up. Sadly, it seems to be a little different for everyone, but if you find yourself getting more sick after your morning prenatal, you should look into your options.

2 – Unisom: the tablet form of this sleep aid was part of a cocktail recommended to help with morning sickness, but I was never able to keep the other half (a vitamin) down. The good news is that Unisom is safe for pregnancy and it works to help relax you at night and calm your stomach a little, even on its own. Half a tablet every night made a huge difference for me.

3 – Snacks: I really do throw up and throw up so eventually it becomes a struggle to keep anything down at all. My biggest successes have been pretzel rods (not too nutritious but they aren’t likely to make you sick and at least you’re eating something), peppermint tea (make sure there are no other ingredients because not all tea is safe for pregnancy), and these chocolate covered banana snacks (sugary but the potassium boost from the banana will carry you for a while).

4 – Maternity nightgown: tight clothing makes my nausea worse and I spend every minute I can laying down trying not to be sick during those early weeks, so a splurge on a comfortable nightgown that will work for your whole pregnancy is money well spent.

5 – Essential oils: not all oils are safe for pregnancy, but the Cheer Up Buttercup blend of citrus oils works and helped with my nausea, both in the tub and in a diffuser. It’s a yummy summer scent reminiscent of popsicles.

6 – A TV show to power watch: watching TV is a nice distraction from feeling like complete crud, especially in the evenings when my nausea got really bad. I’ve actually been burning my way through House on Netflix, but watching sick people feel sick when you don’t feel good isn’t the best advice ever so I’m going to recommend my favorite show instead.

7 – Ziploc bags: file this under not-sexy, but these large disposable and sealable bags are a lifesaver for me when I need to leave the house and I’m 80% sure I’ll throw up before I make it back home. Toss some in your bag – better to have them and not need them! I was especially glad that I’d packed them when I flew out to California. Since when do planes not stock those in the seat back pocket???

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